Out of  here Lemur
Out of  here Lemur
Out of here Lemur. it was the only smart thing to do.

Funny White House Lemur

White House Lemur
View full... "We don't have a trillion-banana debt because we haven't taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we ate too much."

Funny Lemurs Rule

Lemurs Rule
Member reactions:
This is great. Funny, OT and nicely done.

Funny Night Moves Lemur

Night Moves Lemur
Working on the night moves.
Member reactions:
Lemur: "I'll be darned if this is the Hellrazer puzzle"
I am very puzzeled about this toy that someone gave to me.
Gorgeous,the expression on his face looks like he is so concentrating on it...well done

Funny Lemur Hawking

Lemur Hawking

Funny Chicago Lemur

Chicago Lemur
Not only can the Lemur work a computer but it has found its way into the ranks of the Chicago Fire Department E.M.S. (emergency medical services) division.

Funny astro lemur

astro lemur
After discovering they had oppossable thumbs, lemurs quickly took flight.
Member reactions:
slightly smarter than the monkeys they use to put in space.

Funny Lemur urinal

Lemur urinal
They still have to work on their aim though
Member reactions:
. Hmmm...Can't be too smart...He missed.
hey - even the best intentioned of us miss occasionally.
This is the most realistic and the toughest photo to create in the contest
He must have had too many pints. Good thing the ladies can't get in there...

Funny Einstein Lemur

Einstein Lemur
The great thing about Lemurs as lecturers, is although their communication skills are poor, they do accept insects as wages.

Funny Lemurs Leaping Over a Giraffe

Lemurs Leaping Over a Giraffe
Oh that's gotta hurt.

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