Saturday Night Fever with a Dancing Lemur
Saturday Night Fever with a Dancing Lemur
Saturday Night Fever with a Dancing Lemur. Member reactions:
Great job the perspective. The low angle gives this one something special. Nice.
I must say..genius background and fits perfect here
Congrats on the Wood, Luciano. Great idea.
Agree with Luna - great angle chosen here. And now I have this song stuck in my head.

Funny Scotty Lemur Sloth

Scotty Lemur Sloth
Member reactions:
Freaking scary forehead looks like some extra calcium and new Bone

Funny Lemur in Space

Lemur in Space
Member reactions:
Gotta watch this beauty in full size to see delicate work like reflection. The second pair of eyes on the helmet freaks me out. All in all, quality work.

Funny Lemur Climbing Inside a Window

Lemur Climbing Inside a Window
Member reactions:
love the way you did him behind the glass..well done..i cant seem to work it out right yet..
Congrats on the gold Pherdinandus, nice clean chop.
congrats mate... awesome pic..loved it..first chop too... wicked

Funny Lemurs Riding a Pig

Lemurs Riding a Pig
not sure if this is too raunchy for you guys..plz take off if so..It cracked me up doing it, and i think it'll make a good animated stamp on Deviant..

Funny Chrome Robot Lemur

Chrome Robot Lemur
Member reactions:
nice work mate..thought it was brilliantly executed..

Funny Lemur Stuck in a Birdhouse

Lemur Stuck in a Birdhouse
I just thought this lemur with his tongue hanging out was hilarious and had to use the picture.

Funny Koal Lemur

Koal Lemur
This oddly cute sweetie, is a mix of Koala & Lemur.

Funny Lemur

Lemur species is named after John Cleese, mostly known as the Minister for Silly Walks.

Funny Lemur


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