CNN Don Lemon
CNN Don Lemon
CNN Don Lemon. Incredibly biased
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Thanks. YEAH HE IS A PRETTY BITTER MAN ON SOME ISSUES. Ooops caps stuck. Dang sausages for fingers

Funny Lemon Painting by Manet

Lemon Painting by Manet
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Very nice work. It IS a modern lemon, right.
Of course, old one would be covered with mildew

Funny Danny DeVito the Mime with a Rhea Perlman Lemon

Danny DeVito the Mime with a Rhea Perlman Lemon
Cheers. Danny DeVito Mimes A Toast to His Wife Rhea Perlman. To Go Large Click This Easy Button
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Excellent work. With the makeup on he kinda reminds me of John Candy.
Great chop on Danny , perfect expression on his face . High marks my friend :
Thanks. Balo, Thanks. Chili, welcome back my friend.

Funny Explosive Lemon Grenade

Explosive Lemon Grenade
All sources from stock.xchng, especially: "Lemon..." by nksz
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good job, shadows look kind of strange though
Very nice work but I would make the slices lemon shadow black. Love all the details...creative work.
Most excellently crafted . . . I'll take mine with a "shot" of tequila
The Lemon shadow is black & what is in the BG is a real grenade to add emphasis to the lemon being an actual grenade also...well that's my opinion
Thanks everyone for your kind comments. The blurred black thing in the bg is the granade on which my work is based - it's a good contrast on the elsewhere bright image and intensifies the left border of the "lemon" (yellow on white doesn't worked for me). The shadows / reflections are from the lemon soure by the way.
Congrats on the win, Tom. Great to see you again.
awesomeness; i miss seeing the art by the "old school masters" - like yourself - from yesteryears. : )

Funny Lemon Man

Lemon Man
This little Lemon Aid will aid you in anyway he can but, don't turn your back for he has a bad bite.
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This one freaks me out. Good job Looks like he's sweating a bit... or crying.

Funny Lemon iPhone

Lemon iPhone

Funny Lemon Skin on a Tree

Lemon Skin on a Tree
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I didn't want to comment earlier, because I was afraid my comments might sway voters. I LOVE this idea and I realize that it is very tricky to get it right. To me, the back, or "inside" seems to also be coming forward when in you would want it to look like it was going back from the viewer. Maybe having it look like the inside of a lemon, the white part, would have made it pop even more. Also, since you did such a wonderfull job of making the edges look torn away, taking the time to also make that part a soft white would have made it a little more realistic. All that said, I never would have attemted this myself and I appluade you. The idea is half the battle and this is a great one.

Funny Kiwi Lemon

Kiwi Lemon

Funny Lemon Kiwi Fruit

Lemon Kiwi Fruit

Funny Lemon Grapes

Lemon Grapes
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I had a layer turned off when I made the jpg. Oops. Revised image uploaded. Thanks Katiekate.
Awesome chop, the pink shape at background it's not necessary but out side that, it's just an awesome idea and execution
Oh man, I'm sorry I voted early on this. It looks much better now.
Excellent work, Deb. A well deserved win.
I love this Deb. Lots of work in it...and the "Sour Grapes" caption (now replaced) was icing on the cake.

Funny Lemons

Lemons are widely used by cosmetics industry these days for several reasons - lemon juice is a natural ingredient in many hair lighteners; when applied to skin lemon juice cleans the pores, prevents acne and refreshes the skin - that's why lemon juice is used in many facial masks. Photoshop lemons any way you wish. Some examples are: show what life would be like if lemons ruled the world; merge lemons with some fruits, vegetables, or with other objects, animals, or people; put lemons into paintings or movies, etc.

Funny Lemon Timer

Lemon Timer
Photoshop this lemon timer image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing the lemon timer shape, merging this lemon timer with some object or animal, including it in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for help with the concept, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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