Aviation Day Lego Edition
Aviation Day Lego Edition
Aviation Day Lego Edition. Member reactions:
, TOUGH TO DO CHOP. Angular lines in all directions like that are hard to control. Good job.
A heck of a job, Manosart. Best seen in the original view to appreciate.

Funny Kids Lego Motors

Kids Lego Motors
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver Cup, I was a used car kid.
I bet they accept payments in Oreo cookies These kids mean business
Congrats on the silver, Doc. I cracked up at this one. It is very well done and could have easily won too.

Funny Time Person of the Year Lego Bad Cop

Time Person of the Year Lego Bad Cop
There is no good cop.
Member reactions:
Excellent and out of the box. Did you use your own lego to prepare the background .
Yes. Much to my nephew's dismay. I had to dismantle one of his creations.
Extra kudos for doing some lego work for the contest too. Very creative and very topical to the current events
A stunning work of lego art, love it.. Congrats on the Bronze IcyAll..

Funny The Lego War Movie

The Lego War Movie
Member reactions:
Clean work. How you did the flying Lego bullet is brilliant.

Funny Lego vs Minecraft

Lego vs Minecraft
Warner Bros will follow the Lego movie with Minecraft
Member reactions:
The sequel should be interesting. This chop freaking rocks.

Funny The Lego Movie Minimalist Poster

The Lego Movie Minimalist Poster

Funny Van Gogh's Lego Masterpiece

Van Gogh's Lego Masterpiece
Member reactions:
Love it, very nice work cool texture to Simpson

Funny North Korean Lego

North Korean Lego
Member reactions:
I like this, good show of mortality by showing him as Robo.. but with idiotic toy.. he is crazy. Nice work of starry effect

Funny Photoshop Contest Lego Trophies

Photoshop Contest Lego Trophies
More Details in full view please.... the last place got lego trophy(hope newsy will present these gifts i think its the best christmas gifts for all chopers...
Member reactions:
Well presented.... You do not loose anything even loosers win here
If I can Awarded with that Certificate atleast
This is freaking brilliant. Gave me laughs.

Funny Barack Obama Wins Lego Competition

Barack Obama Wins Lego Competition
Legoland Opens in Florida If Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize, then he can win the Nobel "Lego" Prize.
Member reactions:
hahaha...It's not fair..obama used his position to win..
I didn't realize Obama was so talented...nice Job.
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Sunshin3.
Congrats on the BRONZE pcrdds, you make a great work with LEGO's.
I like the lego bear, bronze congrats Paul.
fantastic work mate .. funny too congrats on your bronze .. you just keep getting better keep up
Thanks, qtrmoonshop. Thanks, Sunshin3. Thanks, Mr. K. Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Pree.
Cool. Did you create your own brush for this.

Funny LEGO Toys

A giant LEGO toy was fished out of the sea in the Dutch city of Zandvoort. The "LEGO man" measures 8 feet tall and was first noticed as "something flowing from the direction of England" by a woman on the beach. The origins of this LEGO toy remain unknown but it's already attracting many children who play on the beach next to the life-sized smiling toy. Photoshop "LEGO world" any way you like. Some examples are: LEGO toys of life-sizes living in the real world, LEGO toys in paintings and movies, LEGO parts in some celebrities, etc.

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