Legend of the Batman
Legend of the Batman
Legend of the Batman. Combination of the Dracula poster, a hot toys image of Adam West's batman, and the chicago skyline and a few other minor items
Member reactions:
Strong chop and well done. One minor compositional tip. His attention is directed out of the picture so that naturally sends the viewer's attention off the page too. I love your sources and other than the point I made...rocks.
Appreciate the tip and the compliment. Judging from those ahead of me seems like I should've gone the more comedic route with my submission. I'll keep that in mind going forward.

Funny Old Urban Legend

Old Urban Legend
Don't scuba dive within 100 miles of a forest fire.
Member reactions:
-->snicker the doggie.

Funny I Am Legend Immigrant Movie

I Am Legend Immigrant Movie

Funny Diane Ross the Legend

Diane Ross the Legend
Member reactions:
She looks much prettier in shorter hair looks awesome and the background as well
Nice idea, but the dress is quite low-res

Funny Santa in I am legend

Santa in I am legend
Member reactions:
Good to see the dog wearing the hat Smart work here
Very creative.... only Santa will prevail on this earth after Apocalypse
, excellent. I like what you did to the dog too
Well done Luciano... really great idea for this contest and very well done

Funny Barack Obama in I am Legend

Barack Obama in I am Legend
Member reactions:
Now Now, Obama is a legend in his own mind
Strange... why he looks so cute and innocent
Some unanswered questions can be solved by himself Only Legends can tell his status Nice merge of his face and the color balance used in the chop good work
Top chopping as always. Congrats on the aditional cup.
Double-Congratulations. He is still a Putz but, you made him look respectable.
Double congrats, Pix. Double welcome back.

Funny I Am Legend Zelda Poster

I Am Legend Zelda Poster
er...I mean, "I Am Link"

Funny Usain Bolt The Legend

Usain Bolt The Legend
Usain Bolt: 'Legends have come before me, but this is my time'
Member reactions:
Wonderful poster dedicated to the fastest man on the Earth
Oh i love this. This one stands out. He definitely feels a legend.

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