Legally Blind Rembrandt
Legally Blind Rembrandt
Legally Blind Rembrandt. Member reactions:
Congrats on another piece of art, glad to see ya on again, starting to feel like old times.
Congrats Hitspinner on the gold. A great choice and job matching glasses to painting.
Thank you Reg, Bob, Hobbit and Andrew. Sorry I missed the vote, I totally zoned out like a flake. It was a challenging chop in that I had to run it through quite a few filters and manipulations. I think my first version was a bit better... (chopped this one twice) as I used crackle as well as ponching up the texture and grain. Pinching the eyes with liquefy tool really took it up a level. I almost didn't do that. Bou, that would have been a mistake. Anyway, yay... Thank you folks

Funny Legally Blonde - Pirate Adventures

Legally Blonde - Pirate Adventures
Member reactions:
Very stylish. I like her better as pirate than lawyer, . Love how you did pirate chihuahua too.
I would love to see the sources on this. Compositionally it's brilliant. I just couldn't tell where the chop starts. Must be that good huh.

Funny Blonde Mr Spock In Legally Blonde Movie

Blonde Mr Spock In Legally Blonde Movie
Member reactions:
I know that's style of Designs good luck my friend
Legally perfect. Top job here and clever idea
This blonde has golden hair after all - congratulations on pure gold.
Thanks all The real trek movie looks like a good one.
golden hair, golden trophy. congratulations rain ))
A blonde Vulcan. Highly illogical. Well done AZ. Like the neck connections

Funny Legally Blonde at Night

Legally Blonde at Night
Agonized over whether to go stylized or realistic. Went for stylized, hence lurid colors. Source
Member reactions:
Not wanting to use just filters, I lit up Congress. Man, they have got some supersized candles in there
Superb. For extra effect I'd make the dog's eyes glowing in the dark
Thanks, Hitspinner. NM - Are we allowed to change our entries once voting's started. I like the dog glowing eyes idea.

Funny Legally Blind

Legally Blind

Funny Legally Blonde Barbie Doll

Legally Blonde Barbie Doll
Original Poster

Funny Legally Blonde Divorce Movie

Legally Blonde Divorce Movie
Moive poster about the breakup.

Funny Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde
There is no blonde like Marilyn, and that's the law.

Funny Daniel Craig in Legally Blonde

Daniel Craig in Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde 007 back in town. LunaC: Thanks for the tip.
Member reactions:
Great concept. Why not replace Reese Witherspoon's name with Daniel Craig's.
Love the concept. Execution is somewhat blurry.

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