Letís next legalize cocaine and heroin!
Letís next legalize cocaine and heroin!
Letís next legalize cocaine and heroin!.

Funny Putin Obama Marriage Legalized

Putin Obama Marriage Legalized

Funny Newspaper Story Obama Legalizes Marijuana

Newspaper Story Obama Legalizes Marijuana
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That leprechaun, or 'Fatty Bobatty' to his friends, seems to popping-up all over the place these days.
I have just learned that the picture is not of Obama about to hi 5 some kid but he was actually in the beginning of making the "4:20" gesture. Which is , as you know, a four sign followed by a two sign (peace sign) and then an O'tay sign to represent four two zero respectively.
I do seem to be getting around the site these days.
well, when Newsy said we could use prior chops here I said "What the Hell.." and I vomited a little in my own mouth. But then I realized that I could pretend to be the bee and that would give me charity points, but that isn't right...I'm not the Bee. So vote accordingly drones.
Man, dressed as leprechaun robbed bank saying - I've only come for my gold. He looked like Bee, cause indeed Bee won the gold at FN recently
and "it's not heII it's New Jersey" is a sweet line.
Obama's reply to Robertson really made me chuckle (yeah, I got no class at all). The Feds had another little April Fool's joke to play. On April 1st, the federal tax on roll-your-own tobacco increased 225 % from $1.10 a pound to $24.78 a pound. Throws a whole new light on 'home grown'.
I loved it jerry. New Jersey is always getting slammed in jokes. Almost every comedy anymore throws at least one NJ joke in there from time to time. We in the south part of NJ would like to officially part ways with the northern half of the state. I'm talking civil war type stuff here. LoL Great details and chock full o' laughs. You had better text integration then Obama's birth certificate as covered in the article attached with AZ's chop. Congrat on the silver.
congrats, jerry. PS I think an Urban Legend has been born with Killerbee first showing up in the balloons contest earlier this week and now here. It's going to be fun to spot him in future works here on FN.... like a treasure hunt, but in this case, there can be a virtual KillerBee hunt..... Killer, get ready. You're going to get buzzed (posted) a lot here on FN. No more time to be shy. You're gonna have to adjust.

Funny Uraguay Legalizes Marijuana

Uraguay Legalizes Marijuana
Uruguay to legalize marijuana, Senate says

Funny Sarah Palin Legalizing Marijuana

Sarah Palin Legalizing Marijuana
Sarah Palin is all for legalization
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Funny Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana
News-link Marijuana Legalization.

Funny Legalize It

Legalize It
Not exactly my point of view, but Ben Curtis has other plans. Ben's campaign slogan: "Dude, we'll be able to sell."
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"Dude, we'll be able to sell."...sh1t yeh
Hey, how do you make that smiley. Because it is exactly my point of view.

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