Obama Talks About Legal Weed
Obama Talks About Legal Weed
Obama Talks About Legal Weed. Obama discusses legal marijuana
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Why not. I hear it is good for killing pain. Of course Big Pharma will oppose it.
. I love the brownie on Michelle's face. Hilarious.
Freaking hilarious flag and Tees are so catchy, all of them are total re-call
Maybe that's why he doesn't care about what goes on around him, he's on the weed. I do see a lot of pic of him stuffing his face. Good chop.
Big Pharma is probably ready to distribute this in pills, suppositories or else.
Well done Paul, I thought this was yours. You have your own unique style.
Pretty awesome, Paulster. I see they like brownies too. Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks, Andrew, hobbit, coolkat, Christine and Newsy.

Funny Legal Pot Guide

Legal Pot Guide
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Amazing Excellent Caricature Very well executed Nice Expression
Marijuana is officially guaranteed by Tommy Chong and now accepted worldwide in text books good one
"Can you spare a 'J', Man." Another chuckle-chop.

Funny Legal team

Legal team
Judge and Barrister (Attorney.)
Member reactions:
keeping the hair was an interesting choice
Need the wigs to show what the day jobs are

Funny Legal pot!

Legal pot!
In Wisconsin it is legal to paint a picture of cannabis on your house, but illegal to smoke it. on the wall
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The Cannibus family lives on High St..you can't miss the house....
is it illegal anywhere to paint cannabis on your house.
Yes in the Uk, mind you it is illegal to paint anything here on your house with planning permission.

Funny Legal Marijuana Products?

Legal Marijuana Products?
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed the "marijuana bill" downgrading possession of an ounce or less from a misdemeanor to an infraction. The change will keep marijuana-related cases from becoming court-clogging jury trials, even though the penalty will remain a fine of up to $100, with no jail time. Violations will not go on a person's record as a crime. Before turning to politics and becoming a governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a strong supporter of marijuana legalization; in the 1977 documentary "Pumping Iron", Schwarzenegger was shown smoking a marijuana joint. Show what marijuana products we may expect to see when marijuana becomes fully legal.

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