Hillary Clinton with the Obama Legacy
Hillary Clinton with the Obama Legacy
Hillary Clinton with the Obama Legacy. Legacy
Member reactions:
Fixed the link for you. Cool surreal political chop, different from your usual art style too. Congrats on the bronze.
Yeah, this is one of those 15 hour chops that was done, redone and reworked to death and never satisfied. I almost pitched it I disliked it so much but threw it in ... just because. No good reason so imagine my surprise to se it grab a cup. Will wonders never cease Thanks Bob, Newsy, And HH
Glad you entered it, an incredibly well done work of art. Congrats Hits, on a cup.
Congrats spinner, crazy fun freakshow chop.

Funny The Legacy of David Bowie Tribute

The Legacy of David Bowie Tribute
I haven't stopped playing the gift that Bowie left us. His life work. I have a new deeper respect for Bowie's contribution to music and theatre. Thank you Mr Jones. R.I.P
Member reactions:
Thanks luciano and Agree Crafty. A spiraling Labyrinth of unique talent.
, a lot happenint in this one. Congrats and well done..
First top three finish whoop whoop. Thanks guys
Cheers magic Wand

Funny Vespa Tron Legacy

Vespa Tron Legacy

Funny Iron Man legacy

Iron Man legacy

Funny Hefner legacy

Hefner legacy
he died as he lived- a player

Funny Obama Legacy Clinton's Party

Obama Legacy Clinton's Party
Sad clown leaving a sadder world behind.
Member reactions:
Nice Image, Flinger. Welcome to the Site.
Obama in the blood, interesting statement.

Funny Legacies of Steve Jobs

Legacies of Steve Jobs

Funny The Legacy Movie Poster Pictogram

The Legacy Movie Poster Pictogram
OK, not a famous movie poster, but a movie poster nonetheless.

Funny 1980s Legacy

1980s Legacy
Year 3005: Prehistoric representation of the American family.Carbon dated to somewhere in the 1980's.
Member reactions:
Could`ve used a little more rock texture over the pyctographs, but...the Simpsons Rock. (no pun intended)

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