Look before you leap
Look before you leap
Look before you leap. Take only calculated risks
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Well she has done one thing: She has gotten everyone in the country to stop telling "Dumb Blonde" Jokes.

Funny Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap
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Two of o kind nut jobs. Nicely worked, HH.

Funny ...one giant leap...

...one giant leap...

Funny Tom leaps at opportunity ....

Tom leaps at opportunity ....
....to play the lead in Quentin Tarantino's new movie "Pulcinella"

Funny Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith
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Very interesting, looks like he's dancing on clouds.

Funny Leap Into The Cosmos

Leap Into The Cosmos

Funny Snails Playing Leap Frog

Snails Playing Leap Frog
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awesome. i made a similar entry with frogs. honestly, i like yours better. you're awesome.
No matter what the bump is, jump toward the destiny
Sweet and slow creatures crawling over the frog is too heart touching... great work shown using this chop... like their tender touch..

Funny Leap Frog Olympic Pole Vaulting

Leap Frog Olympic Pole Vaulting
hope you like
Member reactions:
Excellent composition i really like it, see the frog is jumping in an different way
Clever idea. Superb 'shopping - looks real. Congrats on the silver Olympic medal, moya.

Funny Sumo Wrestler Leap Frog

Sumo Wrestler Leap Frog

Funny Frog Leaping From picture to a Goldfish Bowl

Frog Leaping From picture to a Goldfish Bowl
Member reactions:
Thank you for your comments. I posted this on my Flickr account, and somebody commented, "Great shot." I usually say that with photos.... not photoshops.....
Me likey. Nice to see your chop again, Doxie.

Funny Leaping Lemur

Leaping Lemur
Through 11 years of photoshop contests we never had one about lemurs, thus we feel we have been unfairly ignoring this wonderful animal, and are going to correct this mistake today. Lemurs are playful nocturnal creatures. Because they live in trees, their hands and legs are designed to climb and swing, not to walk on ground. Thus when they have to move on the ground, they walk awkwardly funny, and appear to strike poses as if they knew martial arts. Their are named after the ghosts of Romany mythology for their nocturnal habits, reflective eyes, and spooky sounds they make to communicate. Unfortunately out of nearly 100 species of lemurs, most are endangered species, mainly due to deforestation. Photoshop this leaping lemur any way you wish.

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