Leaking Not Good, Bad!!
Leaking Not Good, Bad!!
Leaking Not Good, Bad!!. Feinstein as Frankenstein.
Member reactions:
That's her on one of her better days. Would like to see all of her skin green to match the hand and face.
I was going to and didn't, but I think I will.
Excellent work of satire, and kool-aid cup the perfect touch. Congrats on the Cup Hobbit.

Funny Radiation Leak in New Mexico

Radiation Leak in New Mexico
Possible radiation leak at New Mexico power plant Secret experiments trying to ressurect Quetzalcoatl and brind back the apocalypse in New Mexico, this is the true story.
Member reactions:
Fantastic composition and great integration of wings.
Wonderful job.... a massive snake with Eagle feather on the top of the Pyramid gives an amazing look
Ahhhh, never doubted this one for a cup. Well done and congrats
Thanks for your comments Hitspinner., JimShorts, rajesh, ericnorthend & lucianomorelli.
Really cool chop. Congrats on third Evirio.
Impressive composition and light and shadow work here. Congrats on the bronze, Evirio.

Funny Old Obama Campaign Poster Leaked

Old Obama Campaign Poster Leaked
Secret Obama campaign poster leaked. This poster never made it to the public eyes. The White House was trying to get the white single women's vote by showing that Obama has ... appeal.
Member reactions:
Looks classical.... Obama looks great in this classical fashion
Congrats on your first medal tiger.. Well done...lots of charisma in this chop
Like the Obama expression, fits perfect. Silver congrats.

Funny Japanese Nuclear Plant Leak

Japanese Nuclear Plant Leak
news story
Member reactions:
Clean chop and straight to the point...nice job.

Funny BP CEO Tony Hayward Head Blocking Oil Leak

BP CEO Tony Hayward Head Blocking Oil Leak
Here is another way to cut corners. Executive Downsizing- BP's Tony Hayward
Member reactions:
Ha Clever
I am trying to send a message to the greedy dirt balls
Congrats on the bronze Hitspinner, great chop and I think you have the solution.
Congrats HS, awesome chop. Love the fine stitching and rivet work, very creepy.
Hits, gratz, the composition is excellent, the eyes are killer and the neck and bolts are just freakin fantastic... over all awesomeness

Funny Greedy Oil Executive Plugging Oil leak

Greedy Oil Executive Plugging Oil leak
Start with Wall Street Bankers, then Lawyers, then Oil execs. And don't forget the Insurance blood ... s. See large format See fully characterized source from papier mache
Member reactions:
HAHA thats funny maybe obama then he might be useful..
Best 5 place finisher I ever seen, good one Hitman
Great one hits mate. thought it would finish waaaaay above me.
Love it Tim. Def your style all the way, straight to the point. bwahahahahahahaha

Funny Stop the Oil Leak

Stop the Oil Leak
Next step to stop oil
Member reactions:
The perspective is somewhat rare, although the idea is good.
Fantastic concept, angle, and light and shadow work... and very news topical too.
Nothing but excellence outta you, mister.
Thanks all. lets all hope they clean this mess up soon, (only been 3 weeks...) and the devastation not what's being predicted.
this great.. i tried a few times to chop about this but it was soo sad i couldnt find a way.. excellent. congrats.
Thanks Az, Pree, Geriatric, Texo, Doxie and Oldman.

Funny Leaking Billboard

Leaking Billboard
Member reactions:
Love the concept. The water looks more like salt though

Funny Evil Leaks

Evil Leaks
I made this for a friend ..teehee
Member reactions:
Your friend must be proud and tells everyone who their friend is. Good job
I would have bet this was in the top 3, Pre. And you surprised me, I can usually tell your style
Well indeed, it should make ya laugh, it's funny .

Funny Libby Guilty of Leaking Information

Libby Guilty of Leaking Information
Lewis Libby joins TV quiz show and the verdict he gets is 'GUILTY'.
Member reactions:
'Scooter' facial expression is truly fits the headlines. very well job.

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