Kevin McCarthy GOP Leader
Kevin McCarthy GOP Leader
Kevin McCarthy GOP Leader. Kevin McCarthy tapped as the new Grand Old Party (GOP) lead man McCarthy leads GOP
Member reactions:
Yes he is. He saved my life. TY for commenting.
Great job. So will he run for the office in 2016.
I hope so. He is a truly decent guy. Thank you NM, Luciano and Balodiya. It would be nice to chop some new faces other than Obama, Biden and Hillary and Pilosi. I am so done with their images.
Yep, had higher hopes for this one since it was less art more news of the weekish. Tried some softer tones, too. Got my answer thanks all

Funny Leader's directions

Leader's directions
Member reactions:
Even the great leaders needs directions good use of the sign posts

Funny Solitude of a leader

Solitude of a leader
Member reactions:
Is that a mushroom cloud in the background . :0). Looking good :0)
Nice work. You may want to bring the Saturation down on Obama & the Sign to blend them though
He is alone and waiting for his partner look funny.... the reason of Global Warming and Melting Polar Caps

Funny Missing After Insulting Dear Leader

 Missing After Insulting Dear Leader
A local artist has went missing after posting insulting pictures of O'Bama on the internet. Anyone with information as to his where-abouts are encouraged to keep silent and not make waves. You could be next. Freaking electric chair
Member reactions:
, I know that (Hits) source photo. Great chop.
I gotcha beat, My town thinks I sell black SUV's they hang out here so much
Hahahahahaahahaha yep, I recognize that old geezer too. Freaking Electric chair...... Great job hidden, I'm on the floor here, thanks a million for the tribute. Remember what they say about paybacks .
But,,, But, But... How did you escape. Are you alright. Can we trust you now.... They may have implanted one of them Obama butt cams in you to turn you into a double naught spy.... They didn't make you drink any Kool-Aid did they.
Great chop but, if they ever got on Freaking news there would probably be many of us missing.
Good use of source pic and the shadows.... crazy thought of creating this funny pic to reveal the truth behind the missing person He is currently on the Electric Chair Beware of Obama Care
$&^$###$%^&%$...#..... is all I have to say. well, 6.6 is respectable but I'd like this one to have done way better. Your model is such a handsome guy, who'd want to hold back such an image . Thanks again for the wonderful tribute, Gummy
Whew...I am safe for the moment then (ha). Nice one.

Funny World Leaders Playing Poker

World Leaders Playing Poker
full view. sources
Member reactions:
Excellent... Putin with his finger in the trigger guard sealed the deal for me. Lol.
Thanks Bmore. It's probably my favorite part as well.
Looks like a Royal Flush beating Four of a Kind.. Great Job
Many sources used to compose this chop.... well done nicely placed together and good idea here
Amazing flawless smooth work and smoochy mouth of Michelle most happiest man won the game with crazy face
Congratulations... First one I have ever added to my favorites folder. ; )
Congrats on the Gold Cup Win Jeremix. You had the winning hand
Thanks for the votes and the compliments and the adding to favs. Much appreciated.
Loved it (except for Michelle being an outside sunlit source...) but it was really really clever overall
Great chop. Lots of work Got. some gold for all the effort too
Thanks. Yeah, Michelle doesn;t really fit in well. Should have looked a little longer for a better source, but i needed to sleep.
Let us just pretend she generates her own light. Ha

Funny Obama Best Leader in World History

Obama Best Leader in World History
Some of this comes from anarchist news sources. Some of the main story is true some isnt can you tell the difference.
Member reactions:
This is the best April fools joke ever. Good one.
Good job in designing a near to real newspaper story
Obama must have mantelpiece of awards by now.

Funny Raining World Leaders In NY

Raining World Leaders In NY
Member reactions:
See Mr.Putin.... he is just falling from the sky... very funny to put all the world leaders in kids body good chop
This is hilarious look at him with Underwear dressing
Very Funny Nice rain to have Only for politics
Congrats pcrdds. what sort of umbrella do we need to keep dry from them.
The look cute and harmless, just like babies, but just as babies they may be full of cr4p. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Bob. Yeah...they sure are full of it.

Funny Behind every leader.....

Behind every leader.....
Member reactions:
Behind every leader there is a mascot and a face ...

Funny T3 - Two Ladies and a Rebel Leader

T3 - Two Ladies and a Rebel Leader
Member reactions:
Excellent to see both of them in this poster good lighting and clean job done
congratulations. Drlowry a woody is a goody.. ..omg i cant believe i said that,,,

Funny Team leader

Team leader
Member reactions:
The Hardest Shell is the base for the deadliest weapon like the water beneth with the reflection and excellent lighting work with good ecology created very well done, its created by a Master Gud Luck
Congrats on the wood, Fleek ... Nice work.

Funny World Leaders Fashion

World Leaders Fashion
Your fashion mission is to pick world leaders (political only, no celebrities) and dress them up in "unusual", "interesting" or "unconventional" ways that might get the attention of the media if they were actually dressed in the outfit you've selected for them.

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