A Lazy Daffodil Day
A Lazy Daffodil Day
A Lazy Daffodil Day. Member reactions:
can't find a fat bottom chicken song...
chicken song we'll make do..
Lol...luv the Techno Chicken video, Jere. -lmfao-
Monkeying around with chickens again I see.
Yeah...Thanks, Gummy. Maybe I should have titled it "A Buffalo Wing Dream"
Thanks,Lu. Stepping up because she spied lunch.
Excellent piece of work, Splats. Congrats.
Could I get some BBQ sauce with this Bronze grats.
Thanks, Jere, Uncle-C, Debbie, Gummy, Andrew and Bob. You can only get Funky Monkey Sauce for Bronze, Gummy.

Funny Lazy Pregnant Woman

Lazy Pregnant Woman
"Now I can live high on the hog thanks to you ... s"
Member reactions:
That's the plan of all Guv'ments.Nice work but, you forgot the 'period' at the end of the sentence.
Very funny tatoo nice and clean work done.
Period. Isn't that something ladies get. Ah..I get it now. It will be fixed.
Geriatric I just checked with my husband who has been in the print trade for 50 years. He says a period or as we call it full stop is not required on a poster. Depends on the situation, in this instance, a full stop would put the lettering off balance.
Guys keep working to make some guys come out to this world... and Obama Rocks tattoo proves this quote Very well done

Funny Lazy Halloween Costume

Lazy Halloween Costume

Funny Lazy Lizard Cat on Branch

Lazy Lizard Cat on Branch
Member reactions:
First thing out of my mouth was ... Next was, That is freaking Cool.
super cute, i'd own one them for sure great entry
Fantastic blend here. Congrats on the wood, J-Man.
jman1a congrats.... he looks so cuddly ..

Funny Mr. Bill Cosby Lazy Eyes

Mr. Bill Cosby Lazy Eyes
Mr. Bill Cosby
Member reactions:
Very clear work. The hand on the face is something special
nice work, the masking in the lower left is an issue though, should've cropped that out.

Funny Lazy Sunday Playing Guitar

Lazy Sunday Playing Guitar
Sometime it's nice to be lazy.
Member reactions:
wierd how angry she looks and how peacful the piece still is., reminds me of my gran
GREAT vintage work on the guitarist source and quality integration pree and Sid
You done really well matching the colours & tones in this, could almost be real.

Funny Lazy Horse

Lazy Horse
Member reactions:
a man pulling the cart would have made this one even better but good job.
The shafts where a man would be are out of view. To add a man would make the picture itself small and spoil the composition. IMO
I heard you too japcham, did you copy and paste cfallins reply. Can't you think up your own comment.

Funny Lazy Government Employee

Lazy Government Employee
Member reactions:
now this yung gentleman has a future in the company

Funny Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog
Dog daze.
Member reactions:
Hehe, I see the dog floating away tethered to the table to hold him down as he snoozes...
No more stoop and scoop but their will be a new type of air pollution.
This doggie is super stupid - it never heard of gravity.

Funny Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones
Member reactions:
I doubt it--No Guinness.
Yeah...my pets only drink the good stuff...
Anything less would be.... Uncivilized.
Anything less would be... cruelty to animals. Nice work.
would make a fantastic college poster. Hi-Res it to me.

Funny Electronics for Lazy

Electronics for Lazy
Create new software or never before seen consumer electronics items that are geared to those lazy "couch potatoes" that need to get into shape.

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