Dr. Rowan Atkinson the Lawyer
Dr. Rowan Atkinson the Lawyer
Dr. Rowan Atkinson the Lawyer. Member reactions:
Classic smile with mr. Bean. Nice caricature
Everything screams "SLICK". I like this one.
I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I especially like that to you. Berdulano, I'm not Azrainman. He did the idol, and my respect as a symbol of the background 1-2 creations, works. Thank you very much, everyone.
Congratulations on the Cup KTO... Very Sharp and Wonderful Caricature work on Mr. Atkinson.
Congrats on the silver, KTO. Funny, KTO means "who" in Russian
Anytime you can use AZ, Funkwood, Salis, Xaos, Kir...works in your chops it will kick it up at least a full point. Very nice work of your own. Congrats.
I would like to thank everyone for their comments and votes as well. I am pleased that so many people like it, especially also because, unfortunately, the police do not have much time to work to prepare, but I try.

Funny Lawyers Advertising on Eggs

Lawyers Advertising on Eggs
Good advice for those of you who don't know that VYTORIN is cholesterol medicine.
Member reactions:
. I had to look up the site to get the joke, but how appropriate. The bottom line is a little hard to read and looks squished. Not sure what to do about that except make the whole logo a little smaller so it will fit on the egg.
This gives a whole new meaning to the legal term "eggshell plaintfiff"

Funny Lawyer Hunter

Lawyer Hunter
Member reactions:
The issue title is suggestive "Hunting With Dick"
Cool now there's a magazine I would want to look at.
coming soon to a supermarket checkout counter near you.
It helps keep the population under control. If there are too many, they become a public nuisance.

Funny Lawyer

Member reactions:
nice, I'd move the text over so it all lines up, its ok to overlap the pic with text on a magazine.

Funny Jackson Lawyer

Jackson Lawyer
The legal move nobody saw coming.

Funny Cat Lawyer

Cat Lawyer
Kitty Litterature
Member reactions:
Nice job on the dog collar. Restate that: Nice job tucking the dog's neck into the shirt collar.
Clever idea, "To Kill A Mockingbird" was an inspired subject on several levels.

Funny OJ Simpson Lawyers Advice

OJ Simpson Lawyers Advice
Breaking news...
Member reactions:
I wish the sources were of higher quality. Good concept though.

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