Steve Jobs Nokia Lawsuit
Steve Jobs Nokia Lawsuit
Steve Jobs Nokia Lawsuit. Nokia Suing Apple Over iPhone

Funny Trump settles his lawsuit

Trump settles his lawsuit
Trump settles his lawsuit
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Funny RIAA Lawsuits

RIAA Lawsuits
my POS debut

Funny National Enquirer Lawsuit

National Enquirer Lawsuit
Fitness guru Richard Simmons has filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer, Radar Online and the media outlets' owner, American Media, over stories claiming that Simmons is transitioning from a male to a female, according to court documents. The complaint filed asserts that Simmons is the victim of a "particularly egregious and hurtful campaign of defamations and privacy invasions, falsely asserting that Mr. Simmons is transitioning from a male to a female." Over the years the Enquirer has been wrong but sometimes they've been right! Create National Enquirer covers that might be real...or might NOT be real. Enquiring minds want to know! For more background on the lawsuit against the National Enquirer Visit This Story

Funny $77 Billion Lawsuit

$77 Billion Lawsuit
New Orleans has filed a $77 billion lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers, claiming poor design which led to failure of the flood walls and levees during 2005 Hurricane Katrina. However only $1 billion of the suit money will go to the city reconstruction, while the remaining $76 billion are claimed as a compensation for the city's tarnished image. The suit was filed by the New Orleans Association of Looters. In this contest you are asked to show how the money from the $77 billion lawsuit will be used in New Orleans to rebuild the city, improve its image and city tourism. Including New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in the entries is a plus.

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