Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie.

Funny Laurie Hernandez Team USA

Laurie Hernandez Team USA
One of many talented American athletes. Some sources

Funny Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez
Member reactions:
Thank you. It's pretty generic but will still get my A55 beat by her boyfriend

Funny Hugfh Laurie

Hugfh Laurie

Funny Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Funny Hugh Laurie the Circus Clown with a Cigar

Hugh Laurie the Circus Clown with a Cigar
Member reactions:
Congrads on the foursome,made more in one contest then me last year. Way to go champ.
Holy Texas Hold-em Batman, 4 of a kind. My first. I’m just not sure how I am supposed to feel. Guilty. Doc did it all the time and he didn’t say much. AZ Rainman did it a number of times… also never said much. So, how about thanks. I think I figured out what I am feeling. “Validated” thanks to your votes. TY HH, Gummy, Luciano and crafty.
Smooth as silk and Top Clown Congratulations on the Gold plus 3... Awesome choppin HitMan... Thought this might have been your first Quad Win, so congrats on that milestone as well.
TY Champ. Yeah, I don't generally enter enough chops to sweep the cups other than in speed chop-fests.
Gold, Silver, Bronze and Wood Congrats, Hitspinner. You did not leave for all us any chance. Great job done.
Andrew. I reckon it was finally my turn. We are all capable under favorable conditions I suspect.I love chopping clowns and I guess the extra work and enthusiasm showed and paid off
,a quadruple whammy.Congrats on the sweep Hits
Ya like clowns, dontcha . Congrats on this big win .

Funny Hugh Laurie with Double Vision

Hugh Laurie with Double Vision

Funny Noseless Hugh Laurie

Noseless Hugh Laurie

Funny Symmetric Hugh Laurie

Symmetric Hugh Laurie
Member reactions:
Huge's slanted face with freaky eyes makes nurse scared
Great work with zoom in/out and the background is awesome

Funny Hugh Laurie Bobblehead

Hugh Laurie Bobblehead
Member reactions:
Great source.. The shadow on the neckline is the only issue -- but it's really great work.

Funny Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie
Dr. House - Hugh Laurie - is celebrating his 50th birthday today. Laurie is known around the world for his leading role in the Fox television drama House, but he also tried himself as a writer (wrote two full-length novels), and as a musician (he appeared in several music videos). Laurie is English and has a British accent, but masterfully adopts the American accent for the filming of "House". Happy 50th birthday, Hugh! To celebrate the 50th birthday of Hugh Laurie, photoshop him any way you wish.

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