John Wayne And Lauren Bacall Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge
John Wayne And Lauren Bacall Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge
John Wayne And Lauren Bacall Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. Member reactions:
Its an ice tub challenge of the past fantastic work good one
Decent chop, though it looks like an after party after the Ice Bucket Challenge. The water dripping from the bucket looks somewhat like milk
Thanks, Andrew, Bob, its420 and Ilovelayers.
Congrats on the wood, Paulster. Thanks for editing the dripping water.

Funny Lauren Bacall Angel in Paradise

Lauren Bacall Angel in Paradise
Member reactions:
Nice artistic design...and great merge good one
Perfect blending. Except for jewels could be the holy Mary
Whoh ho house, Ye grabbed a cup.. Well done, nice one
Excellent work HoHouse. Love the saturated colors.

Funny Rest in Peace Lauren Bacall

Rest in Peace Lauren Bacall
Member reactions:
Master piece Looking so great..Very well executed..
Excellent caricature... her face wrinkles and the wings are well made.... good use of lights and the clouds making her an eternal angle RIP
Always excellent your caricatures. A small point is the old face on the young body.
Decent work overall. I would use her young face for the angel, and old face in the clouds. An old angel shedding feathers kinda sends the wrong message here. The hair effect you chose here looks a bit like she electrified her hair
Very nice. Who's to say what is in heaven. Until you've been there, you just don't know
Congrats Elegary. It survived the criticisms.
Very nice work Elegary. And who is to say there is no grass in heaven. You've got creative license and I'm glad you use it.

Funny Classy Dame Lauren Bacall

Classy Dame Lauren Bacall
Bacall and Bogey were both avid sailors, the name of their sailboat was the Santana. If they weren't working, they would be found sailing. The pin up girl is from a collection of Gil Elvgren's famous works. Although Bacall was never a pin up girl she sure was a woman in many a man's dreams.
Member reactions:
You got my attention on source choice and excellent integration
At first sight I wouldn't say it is photoshopped.
So well blended. Looks like an unaltered original. Great job.

Funny Bogart's American Queen Lauren Bacall

Bogart's American Queen Lauren Bacall
Member reactions:
Bacall as Hepburn.
Pic from African Queen,was Hepburn now hopefully Bacall.
Good chop. She looks less real than Bogart, more a painting like.

Funny Lauren Bacall the Angel

Lauren Bacall the Angel
Member reactions:
different. You took her out of her time. Nice

Funny Bronx Bombshell Lauren Bacall on Vogue Magazine

Bronx Bombshell Lauren Bacall on Vogue Magazine

Funny Lauren Bacall Tribute Painting

Lauren Bacall Tribute Painting
Trying out some new techniques here. SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2
Member reactions:
It's wonderful, but perhaps the head and face is a tad big compared to the hands and body (compare to the first source where the woman's head is much smaller)
Thanks for the tip. I took her to the shrink. She's feeling (and looking) better now.
Excellent finish.... well craved the design and perfectly matched to the old photo
In my opinion her face looks painted in a style different from body where a lot of thin black edges are used.
Nice edit, though Id' still make her head even smaller. The technique is very nice
Congrats, LunaC. It was my favorite art in the contest.
Bronze congrats. Pretty cool painting effect LC

Funny Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart Together Again

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart Together Again
Member reactions:
Like the bike riding in the midst of the clouds good one
Super-duper clean. Very well done. Silver thumbs up
I like the pastel rainbow effect. Nice overall feel.

Funny Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall

Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall
Member reactions:
BOTH Bacall-Williams chops are awful conceptually. BAD TASTE. She is with Bogey, not Mork, folks.
Love never separates them good to see both RIP
Not sure if it's appropriate to make Bacall and Williams lovers just because they died one day apart
I say it's art and inoffensive so why not. Nice but I would have hit Robin's face with a noise reduction filter to closer match Lauren's complection
it is photo sshop right and im not breaking any rules right with all due respect newsmaster... thanks Hitspinner i've seen a lot more unappropiate photo shopping here.. irregularity broken rules so besically i just try to do my best improve and not care if i win or loose but i hate unfairness in rule breaking... unfair judgment in comments.. offensive comments of certain people.. but what do i know i dont run this site... but with that the people who did would have better judgment more a none sided point of you to make it more fair.. not bend rules when ever they feel like it..

Funny Remembering Lauren Bacall

Remembering Lauren Bacall
Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall died of stroke on Tuesday at the age of 89. Bacall was a beauty with a husky voice that captured Humphrey Bogart's heart, and became a definite movie icon of the 40s. She was one of the very few surviving stars of the studio system that flourished with the silent movie era and ended with the start of the TV era. Bacall kept acting till her 80s and also had a successful Broadway career, winning several Tony awards. She will be missed for her beauty, talent, and her unforgettable voice. RIP Lauren. To pay tributes to Lauren Bacall, photoshop her any way you wish.

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