Rocket Lighthouse Launching
Rocket Lighthouse Launching
Rocket Lighthouse Launching. Member reactions:
Excellent. I'd flip the lighthouse so the light and shadow mimic the light and shadow on the ground.
Thanks. I tried changing the shadows but it didn't work out right and i ran out of free time, so it will have to do. If i find the time i might get around to it, or else after the contest..
"NOOO. We're not ready yet. I said let's break for LUNCH, not LAUNCH."

Funny Iran Launches Missiles

Iran Launches Missiles
Iran launches missiles
Member reactions:
Thanks, geriatric...thanks, oldman...thanks, Disasterman...thanks, rajeshstar.
Hehehe' he's a rocket scientists all right. Funky stuff.

Funny Missiles Launched from Korea

Missiles Launched from Korea
North Korea launches missiles They had to launch two missiles because they couldn't fit Kim Jong-Il's pudgy body into one.
Member reactions:
Thanks, G-Man. thanks, Newsy. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, Chili Man.
Thanks, HH but no more silver fillings. Besides, I was a gum doctor, not a driller and filler. Thanks, dd.
Chewing gum. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah
So great. Love it. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Boy About to Launch a Missile

Boy About to Launch a Missile
Member reactions:
This made me grin, the 1st through 4th time. Like it a lot. "And a Child Shall Lead Us."

Funny Space Shuttle Launch Into Astronaut Head

Space Shuttle Launch Into Astronaut Head
Space shuttle Discovery launch sources
Member reactions:
Thanks RM. I think the small view makes it seem a bit darker than it really is.
Looks great to me. Probably a good idea to submit a bit brighter when posting darker chops as against a site with white background. Pics tend to loose some snap as opposed to a black or dark gray background.
Nice job, Hidden. You've got a trophy on your way.
Cheers, guess it wasn't dark enough to knock you out of a cup. Put that same chop on black and . Same with mine below. on a black background... way more professional looking.
Awesome work jeremix, I luv the subdued color scheme and lighting fx.
TY guys. Yeah Hitspinner. Backgroundcolor does make a difference. My paintshop pro is dark grey and in there it looked better then here on FN. Still... a trophy.

Funny Golfer Launching Moon Mission

Golfer Launching Moon Mission

Funny Discovery Launch in Forrest

Discovery Launch in Forrest
Member reactions:
There's a lot to discover in full view. Me likes

Funny Obama Launching a Gift For Aliens

Obama Launching a Gift For Aliens
it's need full size ...if you have time
Member reactions:
ok I see it in full view but except the face (ok half a face) of liberty statue I didn't see to much of our character ...and what Obama got to do it in this case. Sorry but I don't understand.
crisclod : did you saw it in full size .. roadrunner : ok it's obama send a fake statu for aliens and inside it hugh house ... also you can see the alien open the gift
I like the top half, even if it's pretty bizarre (aliens flying in a Star Trek ship.), but I don't get why Obama's in this one either.
Technically speaking a fantastic composition by inself. However, since this is the Hugh Laurie contest, I wish Hugh took bigger part of the composition.
Kratos... This is pretty epic. Newsie is right but I see lots and lots of work. People should have been considerate of that and voted higher in spite of the Hugh taking secondary position. Great Job, many hours in this one. I thought it might have been Rainman
Thanx for all ... I don't know what to say ... but it's just a spend free time with 6 hour working I tried to do the down of design like rainman style and up of design it's my fav style thanx for great comments

Funny KimJon Il Watching Rocket Launch

KimJon Il Watching Rocket Launch
"what was that noise...cant hear a thing we these shades on" PLEASE SEE LARGER SIZE

Funny Cow Launching a Rocket

Cow Launching a Rocket
Take cover. What weapons of mass destruction. All I see are cows.
Member reactions:
I've heard of SCUD Missiles...but this is the first time I've seen CUD Missiles.
That's the point. Cow's chew cud. Chewing a cud is a process by which some animals, called ruminants (camels, goats, sheep, deer, and cattle), thoroughly digest their food. The cow, for example, has a stomach organized into sections to take care of hard-to-digest food. When the cow first takes in food, it chews it just enough to moisten it. Once swallowed, the food goes to the stomach's first section, where it is mixed with chemicals and softened. This softened food is called the cud, small balls of food. Next, the stomach's muscles send the cud back up to the cow's mouth, where it is re-chewed and swallowed again, this time going to another section of the stomach, where moisture is squeezed out of the cud. Finally, the food enters the last section of the stomach, the true stomach, where digestive juices mix with the food and start it on its way to the intestine to be completely digested.
EEEwwwww no way MUD, that stuff just looks nasty.

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