Green Latrine Lantern Movie
Green Latrine Lantern Movie
Green Latrine Lantern Movie. Member reactions:
Love the Fractalus effect if that is what you used

Funny Barack Obama in the Latrine

Barack Obama in the Latrine
Screen shot from Full Metal Jacket. Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades
Member reactions:
"What is your major malfunction, Obama.. Didn't mommy and, didn't Mommy show you enough attention when you were a child...." Great chop.

Funny Latrine by Avril

Latrine by Avril
Sold by the gallon

Funny Latrine Bot

Latrine Bot
The U.S. Army Latrine Bot finishes scrubbing and cleaning the bathroom in the former Presidential Palace of Saddam Hussein. (Consumer version of the Latrine Bot will be introduced at next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) (Please View Full)
Member reactions:
I hate to ask what that scary red thing is used for. Outch.
Nice work. Full view is a must. If I were to offer a critique it would be to feather the edges a bit on the brush and maybe the plunger. (only apparent in full view) Well done entry. Names on the sinks are a fine touch
Ah, into the dustbin of history goes...the dustbin.
Nobody caught that the bulbs above Uday and Qusay's sinks were burnt out.

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