Late for Hilly
Late for Hilly
Late for Hilly.

Funny Late Love

Late Love

Funny Too Late Hillary

Too Late Hillary
Ragged Hillary morning after voting.
Member reactions:
It's been forever since I've been here...of course missed the motivational contest. Hope this fits here.
Kinda looks like a blowfish with whiskers on her chin.
Welcome back and congrats on a top spot trophy.
Thanks everyone. So many great elaborate works anymore.
Congrats on the bronze, ERJR. How awesome to see you again.

Funny Senator John Kennedy Jr in his Late 50s

Senator John Kennedy Jr in his Late 50s
As he was Time and all that Hyannisport Touch Football under the hot sun have worn down our hero. Still can get any woman he wants.

Funny The Late Great Joe Cocker

The Late Great Joe Cocker
A fine musician and performer has left us. He is seen here at Sheffield Park to celebrate his birth place.

Funny Guards Late Night at Buckingham Palace

Guards Late Night at Buckingham Palace
Member reactions:
This is a freaking masterpiece. The light and shadow work is outstanding
Mmmm. Ligt should produce a shadow from the guard box. It looks like that light comes from the window, wich is not.
The guard box has a shadow lucianomorelli. I don't think you really looked at the image very well. And there is some light coming from the window as the lights are on in the bar.
What happens in London, stays in London. swell job 420. Congrats on the cup
Thank you balodiya, ericnorthend, & pcrdds
Thank you Hitspinner, MsgtBob, & azwoodbox
by the way, the girl is Emma Bunton, right.

Funny Late Great Whitney Houston and Daughter

Late Great Whitney Houston and Daughter
Member reactions:
Good chop. You should give a bit more light to the mother's face.

Funny Late Show with Joe Biden

Late Show with Joe Biden
Late Show starring Joe Biden
Member reactions:
I agree with suni love the small face too. the mugs.
Great Caricature, smiling face presenting the Late Show our own Joe Biden good work on the Mugs with well described quotes and the Caricature face of him on the Books is also awesome
Amazing Smile Nice Show to watch Great stuff
Congratulations. Always great entertainment and artistry in your creations.
Joe is never ending source of the jokes. Great show, Funkster. congrats on the silver.

Funny Mannequin Late for Work

Mannequin Late for Work
Member reactions:
Thoughtful entry, like the way he is coming out from the frame

Funny Late Night TV Shoot Out

Late Night TV Shoot Out
Russell Brand Coming to Late-Night TV
Member reactions:
Love the B$W on this. Nice composition, hidden.
Love this one deaddog, great composition and execution I took the liberty, and it looks great in sepia-tone as well I've done graphic work for all of them except Craig (one of my favorites), and Russell.
Thanks moon. It's base is a movie poster for 3:10 To Yuma.

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