The Last Freak Show
The Last Freak Show
The Last Freak Show. Member reactions:
Great FN tribute. FN is not closing though - please read the site news.

Funny The Last Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Last Tyrannosaurus Rex
And My Last Partial Submersion Source Images
Member reactions:
Doesn't have to be your last. You are good at this, keep making them and maybe someday you can share them again.
Thank you very much, Katrina. I plan to continue chopping. Probably not as much though. Fortunately I have another more physical addiction that I can fuel for a while yet.
Yes, I remember Gummy. As I recall it took years of therapy to stop you from flashing the servers at our local IHop pancake house.
Thanks very much, Vincent. They are lots of fun and interesting to work with.
Thanks, Hitman. Just a little. Thanks, NewsMaster. You'll probably have a dinosaur contest now. And I'm fresh out. I used both of mine here.

Funny The Last Freak Show

The Last Freak Show
Last chop Some Sources
Member reactions:
There is that magical background again. More and more I'm thinking the magic goes on in front of this background (as in this case here) and the bg can only be described as versatile. Super Last Chop, Hidden. 'bravo'
TY. I had you in mind when I chose it in fact Sort of a last wink.
This would make a trippy poster. Perfectly freakish for the last Freak Show.
Thank you DD and Coolkat. It's almost psychedelic Maybe I will put it up for prints on Deviant when the smoke clears here.
Congrats Hitsy on one more piece of deserved recognition. Always go the extra mile in your work. Good luck my friend.
Congrats Hitsy on one more piece of deserved recognition. Always go the extra mile in your work. Good luck my friend.
Thank you PS and Steve. I guess it is on to the next adventure
Great chop, Tim "Hitspinner" Dowling . . . I was sure this was yours. Congrats on the cup. It's so bittersweet, ain't it though, the last Freaking News contest. Iím sure youíll keep chopping and Iíll be looking forward to your future work. P.S. I took the liberty of sharing your ode to Doc on the FN Facebook page Ö I hope you donít mind, I thought it expressed wonderfully the way folks were feeling at the time and felt the sentiment applied to the departure of FN as well.
Thanks for all the eye candy over the years Tim.
Thanks Kellie. I know I'm a crochety old sod but I did try to make it worth it. It has been my pleasure for the chance to contribute to what I feel is an important part of art history. This was a movement that will be recorded. 1/4Moon, No problem at all. Bittersweet, hmmm I suppose. It is what it is. I did figure FN would outlive me. I would have liked to finish out on my own terms but wish for that in one hand and crap in the other and see what I'm left with . Mick said it best, "You can't always get what you want..." Good luck to ya
Congrats on the win,beautiful work, God I'm going to miss you and the rest,I've check out the other sites, done add up to this, I Love my Freaking News Family and will miss them greatly.
Congrats Hits. Colors and composition are perfect in every way. Iíve truly enjoyed your art and talent. All the best my friend.
Congrats on the bronze, Hits, and thank you for honoring me here too. FN will go on. READ MORE HERE
Congrats on the bronze Hits.This is a colorful freaking awesome chop
Congrats, Hitman. Wonderful image. But... I am so happy that it is totally irrelevant now.~
Spinner, I don't even know what to say other than when you turn it up, YOU TURN IT UP. Perfect.
Ahhh even more comments. Thanks all.....Yeah DD there is a little gas left in the tank but I noticed everyone else turned it up too.

Funny The last crusader

The last crusader
Member reactions:
Andrew. I knew this was yours. I expected to see more chops.
Always thought you and pccrds had a similar style, it's been good having you here and seeing your work.
Hey, Andrew, great chop. FN is here to stay - please read the site news.
Thank you, Hobbit, Steve, Hitspinner, Kellie and NewsMaster. Vlad just read Last FN News. It is awesome. Freaking News has to be forever...

Funny The last shorty

The last shorty
Member reactions:
Hey, Denlig, it turns it's not the last after all. Please read the site news. I love the realism in your shorties.
As we say in French : "Áa pour une nouvelle, c'est une bonne nouvelle .."

Funny Gates and his last invention

Gates and his last invention
Member reactions:
I don't understand what that invention is

Funny The last floor of his life

The last floor of his life

Funny Last Person Of The Year

Last Person Of The Year
Member reactions:
It is dark satire, hun. You will be fine.

Funny Last medal

Last medal

Funny The Last Tree on Earth

The Last Tree on Earth
The Last Tree on Earth

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