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Larry Hagman Goes to  Ranch in the SkyFunny Larry Hagman Goes to Ranch in the Sky
Member reactions:
Larry "JR Ewing" Hagman Passes Away
Excellent... Great job done lovely sky RIP Larry...
Why is part of his face missing and there is an extra chunk of neck sticking out.
Deaddog, I must have missed a spot on the cleanup.

Farewell, Larry HagmanFunny Farewell, Larry Hagman
Member reactions:

Larry Hagman, star of "Dallas" and "I Dream Of Jeanie," dies and goes to the "Ranch In The Sky."
Larry looks good in this caricature... and the Clouds desend from the sky to take him Good one we miss you larry
Phenomenon work done looks very peaceful. Nice home in the heaven.
Each pixel is great-full to give him a beautiful farewell, he looks so gentleman in this pic, Awesome work hidden
pcrdds... This is such a nice tribute and such great work congrats.... I thought this was going to win the gold its my favorite.. ,, and I had no idea this was yours... a little different style I like it very much...
Congrats on the triple Paul. Awesome effort & this caricature ROCKS.
Thanks, Lady Pree and Mr. F...I'm quite honored. Pike better look out, huh. .
Thanks, GarRobMil. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man.
Wonderful tribute. Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Larry King Curly and MoeFunny Larry King Curly and Moe
Member reactions:

Larry David CaricatureFunny Larry David Caricature
Member reactions:

INSPIRED BY THE LIKES, OF ONE MISTER R.W. PIKE and others of the like . . . Please bear with me , I am but a novice, though ever so eager to learn . . . eternal student ... in need of some new software Please view in Hi-Res
You've pulled it off very well. Nicely done.
trusted ... psmandrake is great with the carricatures ... yours is really a great start. bravo bravo
Thank you kindly folks . . . that's great encouragement . . .

Larry King Brain SurgeryFunny Larry King Brain Surgery
Member reactions:

2,500 year-old preserved human brain discovered
Really Great Concept and Composition. I like the caricature style. All the best.
Man, his head looks like an green cabbage. Superb work, but whyyyy ratherrrr smallll imagggeee.
Congrats on the bronze, Sid. Welcome back, been a long time.
ty gang, ta Newsy, good fun being back around
Great....I like this alot....super work..congrats

Larry King & Shawn Southwick TwinsFunny Larry King & Shawn Southwick Twins
Member reactions:

Congrats on the trophy.. nice blend...
very cool work kokoy congrats on the bronze

Larry King Mixed with the QueenFunny Larry King Mixed with the Queen
Member reactions:

Click to view HALF KING and HALF QUEEN
The result looks real that's why it scares me. Might remove the white debris in the glasses
There's some of the white background remaining on the left side of the glasses.
REALLY REALLY GOOD. * i wish you didnt put the typing on the bottom left
THANX 4 your tips, my friends, I've done...

Larry King Mixed with Stephen ColbertFunny Larry King Mixed with Stephen Colbert
Member reactions:

An all around great decision, if you ask me.
Thanks. I know I'd watch the New Jersey out of that show, though.
great chop Nocturnesthesia . big congrats on the woody

Larry King Younger + James DeanFunny Larry King Younger + James Dean
Member reactions:

Larry King Mixed with Barack ObamaFunny Larry King Mixed with Barack Obama
Member reactions:

King Obama fitting name..
They don't call him Mr. Turtle for nothing.

Larry King SuccessorFunny Larry King Successor - After a great deal of back-room arrangements CNN confirmed that "America's Got Talent" judge, Piers Morgan will replace Larry King early next year. However, not everyone agrees with the CNN's pick for next "Mr. Suspenders", including Larry. In the interview to CBS News, Larry King said "I have no say in my successor, but hire Ryan Seacrest!" But who can ever really replace King? The Brooklyn-born Larry Zeiger rose to prominence as a Miami disc jockey, national radio host and talk, and went from zero to hero, with his stooped shoulders, owlish eyeglasses and trademark suspenders. When King signs off, the show will never be the same... In this contest we are going to help possible (and impossible) Larry King successors partially look like Larry King. Take the right (or left) VERTICAL HALF of Larry King's face and merge it with the left (or right) vertical half from another celebrity or politician who you think could be a good (or bad) pick for Larry King's successor. We did similar 50/50 vertical face merge in our Partial Face Transplants contest, but this time, one of the celebrities HAS to be Larry King. In your titles or comments please mention the name of celebrity (or politician) you are merging with King.

Larry KingFunny Larry King - Television icon Larry King is celebrating his 75th birthday today. This is also King's 23rd year as a host of CNN's Larry King Live. 5th years ago on his 70th birthday Larry said "40000 interviews and I'm just warming up". He might be going after Geraldo Rivera's record of 52,693 interviews - sooner than we realize it! Happy 75th birthday, Larry! To mark the 75th birthday of Larry King, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples may include - giving special themes to Larry King Live show - Thanksgiving theme, Halloween theme, etc.; putting Larry in movies and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Hairspray, Chuck and Larry, & Harry PotterFunny Hairspray, Chuck and Larry, & Harry Potter - This week's movie boxoffice winners are - "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" by Universal Pictures topping the boxoffice, "Hairspray" by New Line Cinema coming in second, and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" by Warner Bros. holding the third place. Your mission is to merge any of the above three movies - "Hairspray," "Chuck and Larry," "Harry Potter" - into one film (you can also merge all three of them). Cross-place cast crew, come up with new movie titles, or design a sequel -- all in the form of movie stills, posters, or even magazine covers. Let it rip!

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