MacBook Pro Laptop Without Keyboard or Screen
MacBook Pro Laptop Without Keyboard or Screen
MacBook Pro Laptop Without Keyboard or Screen. Member reactions:
Hahaha, love what you did to the Apple logo too.
what a brilliant wallpaper I must say.. oops where is your motherboard as well.. amusment enough great thinking
Tax bite. Congrats on top 5

Funny Baby Mark Zuckerberg on His Laptop

Baby Mark Zuckerberg on His Laptop

Funny Van Gogh's Laptop

Van Gogh's Laptop
What would it be like to have internet back then. sure would have changed the world.
Member reactions:
very simple yet very effective. Nice job.

Funny DELL Taco Laptop

DELL Taco Laptop

Funny Laptop Gives Woman Flowers

Laptop Gives Woman Flowers
The cyber flower
Member reactions:
Its a new technology can be possible in near future
So modern and so sad concept.
May be she has 3d lens implanted on her retina , cool concept anyways
Excellent traditional style ..... Careful of that crop line chatter and halo. That can be a full point deduction. Excellent way to think it through and present the concept.
Welcome to Freaking News, Fotoshop. Here's to many chops and trophies.
Great idea and chop Foto, Congrats on Pic o the Day

Funny Mad Bigfoot Smashes His Laptop

Mad Bigfoot Smashes His Laptop
Member reactions:
No comments. Your 1st comment:"Love it. Good luck."
Awesome turn of source pics to make the Marvelous Big foot amazing job really like it all the best for the trophy
Got reviled to public is terribly shown in His anger with the Freaky Lifetime Battery Backed-up laptop I like the details in the fur and expression. Quality chop hidden
Beautiful. I love how it tells a story. A well deserved win.
Congratulations-love it. This contest was a tough call from the start.
Dang, You got a lot of miles out of a couple of pics. Great job on the hair layers and congrats on the gold.
Congrats, salis2006.
Superb work. The master is back. Congrats on the gold, Salis.
thanks all peeps,i had a lot of fun doing this Silvercanine: happy Eid to you too Bro.

Funny Old Man at His Laptop

Old Man at His Laptop
So we were discussing one of my latest chops and he said "What's with the hook." which I replied "Its a strand of hair." to which he replied "Still looks like a fishhook to me. Bwahahahahahahhahhahahh." and I then replied "Blind old f#%k." to which he finally replied, and I quote "Hey, I've got special computer glasses... You are the blind f#%k. Mean while back at the ranch his archaic computer finally blew a mainframe and blacked out a 40 block grid in his neighbor hood, so for the 3rd time I tried a relentless pitch to sell him on Mac... to no avail. I have this dream that one day Shorty will come around. Bwahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahaha.............. not. Note: The eyes and glasses were provided by Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys.
Member reactions:
www , this is legendary .... Great PSing Hidden .
hahaa... he sold me on computer glasses.... and macs rule,,just sayin,,,, classic^^..
GREAT. Thanks, "hidden". Never Mac. Love the glasses.
Awesome job done,, like the placement and the use of Cat pulling the cloth is too funny.
Funny stuff ... He looks like Dave Letterman a little ... Nice work.

Funny Laptop in a Pizza Box

Laptop in a Pizza Box
HP..came out with a good idea on how to save, they're using old pizza boxes, and selling like hot cakes...
Member reactions:
Laptop Carry bag comes for around $30 good to carry in Pizza box

Funny Renoir's The Reader Girl with a Laptop

Renoir's The Reader Girl with a Laptop
Member reactions:
Nicely done nepaguy . . . congrats on being the theme post.

Funny Laptop Caddy for the Bathroom

Laptop Caddy for the Bathroom
For those times when just one visit to the toilet just isn't enough...cause every photoshop minute counts...

Funny Million Dollar Laptop

Million Dollar Laptop
UK based company Luvaglio has created the first million dollar laptop. There's already a high demand for it among rich men. For the first time in history, when they divorce, they keep a house and give away a laptop. In this contest you are asked to create your version of million dollar laptop. Design it with luxury materials, add jewelry to it, etc.

Funny Dell Laptops

Dell Laptops
If you happen to hear a series of explosions in offices or see houses and internet cafes burned to the ground, don't worry,- it's just exploding batteries in Dell laptops. This week Dell announced a recall of over 4 million laptops - biggest computer-related recall ever - due to lithium-ion batteries that cause their Dell machines to overheat, catch fire, or even explode. I guess it just shows that Dell laptop customers will finally get a good BANG! for their money. To make a long story short Dell now gives customers two options - either recall your laptop, or pull the fuse and run for your lives. Dell may well have forgotten the golden rule of laptop business that putting grenades in place of laptop batteries is a No-No. In this contest you are asked to save all us poor Dell customers from yet another disaster and warn us in advance how Dell laptops are REALLY unsafe - what's wrong with their batteries, monitors, keyboards, DVD/CD writers or any additional Dell laptop's devices. Feel free to change Dell logo on laptops to reflect their 'safety policies'. You can also show Dell laptops on fire / smoke during presentations, conferences, etc. Remember to keep your entries to Dell laptops only - desktops or other laptop manufacturers are not allowed. P.S. I tried contacting Dell customer service to see if they liked our contest, and they told me I will "BURN IN DELL" for that...

Funny Cheap Laptops?

Cheap Laptops?
Let's help the MIT and Google design a cheap $100 laptop, and see if it'll meet Gates' expectations.

Funny Laptops

Design a new laptop, add 'bells and whistles', incorporate objects into laptops, create laptops that might be geared to specific industry or market segment.

Funny Al-Zarqawi Laptop

Al-Zarqawi Laptop
What images, documents or other things were found in al-Zarqawi laptop?

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