Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed
Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed
Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed.


Member reactions:
Lovely, I like the texture and I like the image I see in it.
Nice texturing on Carl Warner's art

Funny Radioactive Landscape of the Future

Radioactive Landscape of the Future
Five glimpses of the future
Member reactions:
Gotta say, love your work Funk, never disappointed. You have a web site.

Funny Dream Angel in a Surreal Landscape

Dream Angel in a Surreal Landscape
Member reactions:
Love those fractal wings. I've used them as source as well. Handsome looking chop. I am impressed at the overlay and distortion effects
-- thanks guys... Love that you approve. The angel throws you kisses.

Funny Surreal Ocean Landscape

Surreal Ocean Landscape
Video of the Sources i used for this Chop
Member reactions:
Excellent Ocean Bed really great to see Dolphins and the person fishing.. lot of hard work seen... good merge of sea water and the sky wonderful chop ...
Brilliant work of keeping a square place full of Water and surrounded by sky-wall Love this concept.. floating with you hidden

Funny Taikatalvi Landscape

Taikatalvi Landscape
Member reactions:
somehow reminds me of the golden compass. Nice illustation it would make for an adventure book.
Really cool work here agree with jeremix & well done
Looks like an adventurous and mystical movie poster really cool

Funny Surreal Sea Landscape

Surreal Sea Landscape
Can you find the woman and the Pegasus.
Member reactions:
Great lighting effects, Nice space look over
Looks very beautiful and colorful sweet job done
Very nice artwork, it's a interesting concept, well done...
I guess no one found the lady or Pegasus.

Funny Canadas Political Landscape Digital Art

Canadas Political Landscape Digital Art
this is my satirical look at canadas politicians. Here we have stephen harper, our prime minister, followed by peter mackay who is our minister of national defence, holding up a search and rescue cormerant,thinking its his personal taxi,followed lastly by peter kent,the environment minister,who just recently announced that canada is pulling out of kyoto. The ghost is suppose to be jack layton,who was crowned the leader of the opposition,and was the head of the NDP(new democratic party). I guess even in death he feels cheated and is trying to reach out beyond the grave. The background consists of a chess board the parliament buidings and the snow birds, Canadas answer to the blue angels. The death on a trike was the work of Marcus J. Ranum. For all the canadians out there,you might understand this pic,maybe,and as for everyone else,you all will see that even canada is run like a circus.please enjoy
Member reactions:
thank you ricky,and thank you pixjockey, I'm sorry to bore people to death about canadian politicians. but yes we do have our own amount of drama.and sorry for the spelling because i cant spell worth sh^%
Bring on the Canadian Humor, nice change.
thank you so much ricky and thank you so much hohouse
This was a lot of work and should have placed higher.

Funny Car Driving Through Surreal Landscape

Car Driving Through Surreal Landscape
Member reactions:
I love the colors and the scene. Although the truck is not for the size of all other sources.
Solid work, looks professional. The truck is somewhat big but it could work as an ad for this car.

Funny Merged Realistic Landscape

Merged Realistic Landscape
This was harder than it looks. sources
Member reactions:
What a marvellous entry. You'v created a whole other Fantasy land & so realistic also
sometimes when something flows so well ppl dont see the work its good you put the sources nice work
nice dedication to detail....Obviously tons of work, but it's hard to tell until you view the sources...
Quite different for you. Me like. Congrats on the trophy #2 for this contest.
A twofer... Lightning do strike twice. I like this one a whole bunch. By not adding gray scale mist overlay to the background features you made everything appear very close to everything else like a miniature movie set. Way cool effect.
Congrats on your woody jere. tight clean work.
Looks real - you did fantastic blending job here. Two trophies out of the 4 - a sign of Jere kicking some serious ass.

Funny Landscape Messages

Landscape Messages
Using any landscape or structure, create an advertisement or message from it. Feel free to use name brand products (Pepsi, McDonalds, etc) or create any general "message" such as the marriage proposal in the story below.

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