Hot Air Balloon Over Landscapes
Hot Air Balloon Over Landscapes
Hot Air Balloon Over Landscapes. SOURCE
Member reactions:
really amazing one .. do you used it as poster for something like magazine or dvd covers ..
Not this one Kratos..this is just for fun.
Fantastic composition and full view is fantastic. Congratulation.
Really like your style mixed with this sorta composition.
I have no idea what it means, Fleek but it sure is cool looking in some sort of neo-real-abstractionist way. But I have trouble interpreting McDonalds menus too I'd like to see more of this style
that was really great fleek , keep up great works

Funny Greek Landscape

Greek Landscape

Funny Dog in Strange Landscape

Dog in Strange Landscape
Member reactions:
Not quite sure if it's playful or not....which I like

Funny Woman in a Seashell Landscape

Woman in a Seashell Landscape
Member reactions:
Congratulations on your gold, Laff. Double congratulations on graduating from apprentice contests. Advanced contests await you now.
Congrats me the bee. Enjoy the college level.
Ohhhhbugga... - those big boys are awesome. Thanks guys.. see you there soon.)
Once again, Congrats from all of us, Laff.

Funny Mars Urban Landscape

Mars Urban Landscape
NASA today has determined 3 things about past life on MARS... 1-They were very Small. 2-They Did Not Like FAST FOOD. 3-They Drove Old American Cars.

Funny New World Landscape

New World Landscape
Member reactions:
Whoah... hope not But the place sure is going to hello in a handbasket. Ye got that Hieronymus Bosch thing going

Funny Glow of the Night Landscape

Glow of the Night Landscape
I call call it Glow as per "in the Glow of the Night" This took around 21 hours total and the inspiration of Genesis - Domino Part 1 & 2 this work pertains to Part 2 of Domino and is a little bit morbid enjoy My Work and Inspiration Lyrics by Genesis

Funny Night Landscape Painting

Night Landscape Painting
Was just trying Lightroom for the first time and came out with this. View full. Sources -

Funny Painted Landscape on an Elephant

Painted Landscape on an Elephant
Member reactions:
Wou hahahahahaha.
At least the FN admins forgave you. To err is human.

Funny Fake Moon Landscape Behind an Astronaut

Fake Moon Landscape Behind an Astronaut
Member reactions:
good idea, the shadow of the astronaut is perfect

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