Short Yellow Lamborghini Miura
Short Yellow Lamborghini Miura
Short Yellow Lamborghini Miura.

Funny Justin Bieber Driving an L.A.P.D. Lamborghini

Justin Bieber Driving an L.A.P.D. Lamborghini
The Los Angeles Police Department adds a Lamborghini to its fleet Looks like Justin Bieber might become a police officer to be able to drive it.
Member reactions:
They might as well add some bling to their outfits and they'll be cooler than local pimps in those Lamborghini Good job.
In a nasal voice "I just love your hair."
Nice hair, but the only place where he can sit in a police car is the back seat.
Now LAPD has its own luxury fleet of vehicles for VIP criminals Great caricature and his hair is awesome... good one
Twofer. We are not pleased and we wish pox on your socks Congrats on the double play... Gawd I need to learn to spell

Funny Man Changing a Tire on His Lamborghini

Man Changing a Tire on His Lamborghini
I guess street art pays off..
Member reactions:
Street artist doing the work of a mechanic looks real and great job
Very well merge, fantastic shadow work, I like it

Funny Marilyn Monroe on a Lamborghini

Marilyn Monroe on a Lamborghini
SOURCES Almost named this one "Time Consuming"
Member reactions:
Wanted to play with making "toy" cars. Have seen it before, never tried it .
You did an excellent job on cartoonizing the car and bike, but I think that the image is a bit too crowded and your main work (the car and bike) does not pop out as it should. Try getting rid of the bike and maybe even submiting it alone, to get the focus point on your main job. To be hones I didn't realize what you did to the cars until I read your comment. That's just my opion... Good Luck
Hamid, Thanks for the advice. I think you are absolutely right. With me, this always starts off as a single idea. The cartoon Lambo. I thought it worked well, so wanted to try the bike, then I really got carried away. I just keep tinkering until I over-do it. Thanks.
Great edit.. This looks much better, good luck
Would it be better to close in on Marilyn and the car. Seems to be a lot of black here.

Funny Lamborghini with a Oven and Grill

Lamborghini with a Oven and Grill
If Nokia sells a $25,000 Ferrari phone, Lamborghini can sell specialized home appliances embedded into the cars. (Please try full view)
Member reactions:
Cool Phone, how much horse power does it have..

Funny Chrysler and Lamborghini Sports Car

Chrysler and Lamborghini Sports Car
It may not look it, but the coloring took a long time to perfect
Member reactions:
Good concept, but the back is a bit blurred somehow.

Funny Old Lamborghini Hybrid Classic Car

Old Lamborghini Hybrid Classic Car
Member reactions:
You could do a lot of Fishtailing in that Baby.

Funny Lamborghini Diablo Beetle

Lamborghini Diablo Beetle
Member reactions:
Despite some visible blending, this is a great car merge work
Nice car, hold the camera still next time.
I'm afraid to say something..after all, why should I change my opinion: I like it ..I wish I could have a car like this.

Funny Cheese Painted Lamborghini

Cheese Painted Lamborghini
They were not jocking when they said the colour was "Cheese Yellow".
Member reactions:
Cheesy Lamborghini, nice idea, the holes look like boobles a litlle, but its a nice image
Buy this car and you'll definately be the Big Cheese
Cheesy Lamborghini - "hole" car is hand-made
I'd like to see this color on a school bus.
Very shiny for a cheese car, doesn't look very much like cheese at the moment. adding noise would help.
Looks very much like a cheese paint job. If that was the effect you were going for it is top notch. If you were going for a cheese effect, knocking the shine off and like Azure pointed out, adding a bit of noise, would make this look more like it was built from cheese.

Funny Lamborghini Ice Car

Lamborghini Ice Car
Member reactions:
blended very well, do u have the orginal source.
the texture on the Lamborghini is very good, very realistic, good entry
Now THAT'S what I call an Air Conditioner.
Now that is one cool Lamborgini. Nice job.
i like this a lot. the only thing i would change is the color a little

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