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Funny Lamb Pictures

Anthony Hopkins has seventy-five...lambsFunny Anthony Hopkins has seventy-five...lambs
Member reactions:
Welsh actor Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, better known as simply Anthony Hopkins, turned 75...lambs * Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins has seventy-five...lambs
Poor little lambs well done on the chop with a Mask and the bloody spilled dagger
Lovely idea with ships and Scary thought of knife I like this freaky chop
Nicely done, lucido5 very creatively composed.

Man Eating Lambs BrainsFunny Man Eating Lambs Brains
Member reactions:

please click to see in Hd
thank you so much hobbit, it looks like a no contest tho.....lots of great work out there already..
amazing work man, is absolutely fantastic

The Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster PictogramFunny The Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster Pictogram
Member reactions:

The Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster PictogramFunny The Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster Pictogram
Member reactions:

Angelina Jolie LambFunny Angelina Jolie Lamb
Member reactions:

Imagine Hollywood if we all evolved from Sheep....
... 23/30 for hours of work. But 20 minutes of work gets me 7th
Means you are making good progress, Toledo
I guess so... this one just frustrated me Thanks Newsy.

`Here little lamb...`Funny `Here little lamb...`
Member reactions:

haha, gotta tag everything eh, i like it... Just cruised past ya site, freaking rocks man
I really try not to but sometimes i just can't help it. Glad you like my site. I just haven't updated any new art on there for a couple of years...... too busy loosing in these amatuer photoshop contest. HA.
Ya, I know this tag I bet you did many of those on the walls with a spray can, . Great chop, man.
I'm starting to recognize your tag, nice work & Congratulations.

Anthony Hopkins in The Revenge of the LambsFunny Anthony Hopkins in The Revenge of the Lambs
Member reactions:

beeeeware the lambs.. original:

Jodie Foster Saving the LambsFunny Jodie Foster Saving the Lambs
Member reactions:

Death head moth flees (lower right).
pristine - smooth intregation of the bee in the calm setting

Basic Instinct of the LambsFunny Basic Instinct of the Lambs
Member reactions:

Great Job on blending Jodi, you should try desaturating or lowering the contrast on Anthony Hopkins to match the rest of the image in the mirror.
Like the blending and the overall feel. One of my favorites.
The concept is one of my favorites in the contest.

Two-Headed LambsFunny Two-Headed Lambs
Member reactions:

They should have realized this could happen when they allowed Dolly the Cloned Sheep to breed. I'm wondering...would these be considered twins or quads.
cute... but how would dolly's lambs poo.
I would try to use different heads to the doubles, so they don't all look the same.
Thats sort of the idea on this one Newsy. After all, they are offspring of a cloned sheep. It's just my warped sense of humor.

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