obama and dalai lama vs china
obama and dalai lama vs china
obama and dalai lama vs china. US President Barack Obama has met the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, US officials say.. Member reactions:
This is great Excellent Costume design for Obama..
Some say Obama is not being himself lately... Looking at this chop, I would not dare denying it
Colorful chop with finest finish.... good caricature

Funny The Dalai Lama Likes Beautiful Women

The Dalai Lama Likes Beautiful Women
The Dalai Lama admits to having a weakness for beautiful womenI think he needs new glasses.. Member reactions:
Is the Dalai Lama blind. Chop looks great.
He's in good company now YUK some chin hair on the left woman.
Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, hobbit. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Newsy...glad you noticed. She's on a reality show here called, "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo." It's about her and her daughter who competes in child beauty contests...believe it or not. And don't forget the herpes on the lower lip, too.

Funny Soldiers of Peace - Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa & Mahatma Gandhi

Soldiers of Peace - Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa & Mahatma Gandhi
hehehehehe a great thank you paul my friend
Lavoro meraviglioso.......................... maestria dalle tecnica. luce ombre , ambiente meraviglioso. nel complesso un opera d'arte. se ci chiediamo dive siamo. nell luogo dove risiedono gli spiriti, di uomini che hanno lottato, per la vita del gli altri.----------------------------------------------------------Wonderful job......... mastery of the technique.light shadows, wonderful environment. all in all a work of art.we wonder if we dive. reside in the place where the spirits of men who fought for the life of others
awesome69 you know that islam does not want illustrations.. heheheheh
mandrake my little brother... gli spiriti degli uomini che hanno lottato per la pace vegliano su di noi e ci danno la forza di continuare la loro lotta grazie per i meravigliosi complimenti che non merito... non sono così bravo, ma mi sforzo di esserlo --------------------------------------------mandrake my little brother ... the spirits of men who fought for peace watch over us and give us the strength to continue their fight thanks for the wonderful compliments they do not deserve ... are not so good, but i try to be
robinbobin thank yoooooooou mate
GREAT idea and WONDERFUL execution: you're always the #1, my FRIEND...
Wooooooooooooooooooooooonderful addition spirits.......................................................................... Meraviglioso.
Marvelously crisp caricatures. And I also like the addition of the spirits. Bravo.
piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixjockey amicuzzolo mio, sono felice che ti piaccia la mia idea, so che anche tu come me sei un pacifista, la pace dovrebbe essere considerata come il solo modo di vivere questa corta vita, purtroppo sembra che la pace sia solo una transizione fra una guerra e l'altra. -------------------------------------------piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixjockey my friend, i am happy that you like my idea, i know how you too me you are a pacifist, peace should be considered as the only way to live in this short life, unfortunately, it seems that peace is only a transition between a war and the other.
mandrakkio sono felice che ti sia piaciuta la aggiunta degli spiriti, penso che diano piu senso a tutto il lavoro... lo rende piu "profondo"... come significato intendo.------------------------------------------mandrakkio i am happy that you liked addition of spirits, i think that give more sense to all the work ... makes it more "deep" ... i mean how significance.
splatshot thaaank you, the spirits complete my job ... one was a little empty... again thanks my friend
wwww , unreal, this is great ...
chili my friend a surreal thank for you
hi geriatric thank you mate.are "virtual" weapons of peace ... are only a metaphor ... but are convinced that will be much more powerful of real weapons and a day war defeat.
Nice message to the outside world, time is changing but certain things would not.. We need these Wise and dedicated legends in our society to make peace with there own style and yeh weapons which has no heart but kills inside out.
..... the Preachers of Peace, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Dalai Lama with caricatured heads is really a good work on this and a pigeon for the symbol of peace is wonderful weapons of peace could bring prosperity and love in the mankind so no need of Guns here Great though and nice blend Hidden --- Gold is Guaranteed here
ericnorthend and rajesshtar....the man is not an intelligent animal, continues to kill his fellow man, who knows maybe someday he will understand that all this is useless, and then realizes that helping his fellow man is more than just kill them ... help others and god will help you too..
thank you diamonds grazie mille
Can't ask for more Perfect 101 Out of 100
balodiya thaaaaaank you, but i believe we can always give more my friend.
Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Oro per il mio fratellone. stra meritato......................... vicino al tri color.
superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gracjas fratellino... peccato che "i due pazzi" non si siano piazzati ed ho perso il tris secco... ma non importa, anche gli altri sono bravi e meritano di vincere, ora sono sicuro che l'oro sarà tuo con il nuovo lavoro su hollande che hai fatto, good luck fratellino ------------------------------------------superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gracjas brother ... sin that "the two crazy" you have not finished and i lost the dry tris ... but it does not matter, even the others are good and deserve to win, now i am sure that you will be the gold with the new job you did on hollande, good luck brother
greaaaaaaaaaaat tank for all friends voted for my work:twister splatshot spitfire46 roonma rajeshstar otzie nonno newsmaster nepaguy59 maroon5 macwithfries lucido5 lucianomorelli laff kryptothesuperdog061 kellie jeremix jeanstama icecream hobbit90 gummy groundzero geriatric fleek ericnorthend disasterman111 diamonds dexter cicsaix bobrafto blackhole biggirll balodiya awesome69 aintme thank all guys
ConGratz On Your Victory Gold, RICKYTREK1A Wonderful Piece
Gold congrats, Master Caricaturist Riccardo.
Congrats Rickytrek, Your work friend is always tops. Your meaning in chop is wonderful.....
Congratulations. It, still, bothers me that the subjects have weapons and not peace-related objects.
Super chop Ricky … Golden Congrats … Excellent work on the faces especially, I love the Mother Theresa the most, except maybe some flowers coming out of the guns.
for all the wonderful compliments and for the heartfelt congratulations you have done to my work i want to thank all of you to the heart, a special thanks to paul-pcrdds, splatshot, hobbits, geriatric-3-kiss, qtrmoonshop ... i embrace you all all boys ... you are always too good to me and my work.
Another gem from Ricky. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Dalai Lama Pope

Dalai Lama Pope

Funny Dalai Lama as a Woman

Dalai Lama as a Woman
. Member reactions:
Is that Madonna hiding behind there. She might actually look like this in a few more years.
I can't stand laughing every time I look at it

Funny Dalai Lama Facelift

Dalai Lama Facelift
. Member reactions:
And wood for Evirio too -= that makes it 3 out of 4 top entries in this huge contest. HUGE congrats on such achievement.

Funny Dalai Lama Motorbike Racer

Dalai Lama Motorbike Racer
sources. Member reactions:
...The Dalai has a Jesus TAT. Love the colors and details
Well........at least someone has figured out light. All hail the king of light. HA HA.
awesome wok mate....love the idea and placement.....
excellent work and the Buddha head is so cool
Oldman you need to find pics of glowing things with dark/black backgrounds and set layer to screen or overlay and hoila...let there be light.
Too many priceless details here. I think the person who created it is definitely a freak.
Congrats on the bronze jeremix, Great chop and awesome color.
Superb piece.........and there's a bit more to the light. You modesty is commendable.
Good stuff Jez..loved this one mate..so funny...
Clean execution and great lighting FX. Congrats Jere.
Superb light effects as Usual....Congrats mr. Jeremix ...
Your use of colors now is superb, JJJ. I noticed that first with your latest set of entries. Lighting superb, as well. Good work.
I can hear Dalai screaming "JERE JERE JERE, you'll burn in he11 for chopping me like this." Congrats on the bronze, you Flying Dutchman.
superb huh. I dunno about that, but thanks.
WTG jeremix. I had to check in to say your skills are becoming frighteningly good. I love this one, particularly the Buddha Saucer but the color, the expressions, the motion is all great. Congrats.
haha, thanks KIR. that brought a smile on my face.

Funny Dalai Lama Egg Head

Dalai Lama Egg Head
. Member reactions:
Nicely done but the cups are in the details. You got a few remnants of the old background, otherwise I would call this primo

Funny Dalai Lama and John Lennon

Dalai Lama and John Lennon
Just to faces which fit nicely together. The hairstyle is a little different though .. Member reactions:
Great work
Really really nice work, tarkus. congrats.
Hilarious. Clean stitching work too.Congrats on the wood, Tarkus.

Funny Dalai Lama and Barack Obama Discuss The Spoon

Dalai Lama and Barack Obama Discuss The Spoon
Made for fun.. Member reactions:
Totally awesome, and looks like a real photo.
I look at this and I get hungry;love it. Good luck.
Are you threatening me. I have a spoon and I'm not afraid to use it.
Thank you very much for your comments and votes.

Funny Dalai Lama & Obama

Dalai Lama & Obama
Photoshop this Dalai Lama & Obama image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: Making Obama or Dalai Lama hold some objects, putting Dalai Lama & Obama into some new environment, using this Dalai Lama & Obama image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Image credit: Pete Souza / United States Government Work.

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