Dali Lama in a Helmet
Dali Lama in a Helmet
Dali Lama in a Helmet.

Funny Dalai Lama and Son

Dalai Lama and Son
Oppression breeds fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering./ Yoda (well sort of )
Member reactions:
Awesome. Interesting how you did the holy mom and devilish child Love the crossed out Tibet and written China
Go Holland. Jeremix strikes again. Congrats on the bronze, neighbor.
Jeremix.... ....... Congrats on the bronze....

Funny Dalai Lama in Die Hard

Dalai Lama in Die Hard
Member reactions:
Great blend. Perfect choice of the source for Dalai face

Funny Jackie Chan the Lama

Jackie Chan the Lama
Member reactions:
Masking around the head has somewhat sharp edges (in full view)

Funny Lama Floating in the Air

Lama Floating in the Air
Member reactions:
It's a bird, it's a plane, ... it's a flying monk. Great work. Love the smiling winking face of the levitating monk.
Hahahaah nope, it's a sinker, Doxie. It stayed around #19 then at the last minute some guardian angels came in and gave it a boost. Now I'm only half scratching my head wondering what I missd LMFHO

Funny Dalai Lama Mugshot

Dalai Lama Mugshot
Please help me to get better in photoshoping. I like constructuve critique.
Member reactions:
Mustache rightside. cut and paste leftside right, blend. Beard clone below lip, clone marks. Beard Rightside to ear cut and paste to leftside, blend. I guess I won't use the homeless guy now. good luck I like it.
Thanks HoHouse for the critique. Its much better now.
What HotHouse said... Although that looks pretty good as is, to me...
This is a great work. I'd darken his skin a tad - to look closer to the original darker skin of Dalai Lama

Funny Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

Funny Dalai Lama in Beijing

Dalai Lama in Beijing
Global Protests
Member reactions:
Beautiful, especially the olympic torch burning as the sun.
Congrats lesmack. Azrainman feel to this chop. great work.

Funny Dalai Lama Gangster

Dalai Lama Gangster
Lucky Rinpoche poses in front of a portrait of his two friends, Vlad Bananas and Nick "Frenchy" Sarcosi. Notice the ceremonial white silk scarf.
Member reactions:
Many fine details here. Love Dalai as a gangster. Check the unshaved Putin and Sarko in the frame, .

Funny Dalai Lama Kiss Rock Star

Dalai Lama Kiss Rock Star
Dalai Lama discovered a new way to protest about Tibet politic problems at the Olympic games. With thousands of fans and protestors around the world the message it's so clear now. Please do not vote with out check THIS FULL VIEW without any reduction of size and also MY SOURCE News Reference HERE
Member reactions:
Quality work, Congratulations on the bronze, Skorp.

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