Lakers Uniform but Cavs Colors
Lakers Uniform but Cavs Colors
Lakers Uniform but Cavs Colors. I just can't get used to seeing him in yellow and purple. This feels more natural.
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The detail work with the color change is phenomenal, LunaC. At least the shoes were red

Funny Prehistoric Lakers Fan

Prehistoric Lakers Fan
Member reactions:
Thanks Reggie, you too Hobbit. It's actually Trump's lower face.
Excellent, pro chopping DDog. Congrats on the Silver.
DD, The Colors really grabbed me in this one. Great job and congrats on the win.

Funny Los Angeles Lakers Fan Jack Nicholson

Los Angeles Lakers Fan Jack Nicholson
Member reactions:
Very well done with the caricatured face and the Ball... good job on this chop

Funny Irish Lakers

Irish Lakers
go celtics.... oh i mean lakers....
Member reactions:
Ugh. Does that mean Boston Celtics are purple.
never know

Funny Pink Lakers Uniform

Pink Lakers Uniform

Funny Jack Nicholson in the Lakers

Jack Nicholson in the Lakers
just having fun trying new things
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Thanks to those that voted keep that support Coming I would appreciate very Much thank you
Thanks everyone that's voting Really appreciate it much love keep Those votes coming thank you

Funny Captain Kobe Bryant and the Lakers

Captain Kobe Bryant and the Lakers
Captain Kobe and the Lakers Featuring… Ron Artest as Wheeler; Lamar Odem as Gi; Andrew Bynum as Kwame; Pau Gasol as Linka; Derek Fisher as Ma-ti; Phil Jackson as the lovable Suchi; And by your powers combined…. Kobe Bryant as Captain Planet Lakers take on Celtics in NBA finals LA times: Laker News ESPN Celtic Lakers THE POWER IS YOURS.
Member reactions:
Please let me know what you think... Was thinking of doing the Celtics as the Eco Villains...

Funny Lakers Under Attack

Lakers Under Attack
Are the Lakers TOAST.
Member reactions:
Obviously not seeing that they won last night.
Got anything else to say ... JERRY. Hail to the CELTICS.

Funny L A Lakers

L A Lakers
Finally, the name of the basketball team makes sense.
Member reactions:
Shaq and Kobe are hilarious. Funny concept.

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