Justin Timberlake at Lake Tahoe
Justin Timberlake at Lake Tahoe
Justin Timberlake at Lake Tahoe. Member reactions:
Excellent very nice chop, CraftLord. It's great seeing your work.

Funny Lake Baikal. They go home.

Lake Baikal. They go home.

Funny Lake Placid

Lake Placid
Member reactions:
Nice feel to this one. Love the low angle.
Perfect harmony between texture of rock, starly sky & Ibanka face... Great choice.
Gorgeous work dd. Had trophy all over it 😎
Congrats DD. You captured a nighttime feel that adds dramatic effect.
Woody congrats DeadDog Agree with everybody's comments, it's a beauty and then some. But got done wrong That 6 either needs glasses or a new monitor
Thanks guys, yeah, the intentional lo ball 6 stings.
Not only stings but it Stinks, it's Bad Karma, it got me too, was leading from the start to finish, then a last second vote… Went from 8.382 to 7.922 weighted average and 2nd place. I think most voters fair impartial but a bad apple can ruin the whole thing. Too much time and effort put in these works to be so unfairly treated. Yours is a prime example...
Great entry DD. Nice and realistic. Congrats.

Funny Bill Gates Lake Washington home

Bill Gates Lake Washington home
Member reactions:
I see, even in poverty he's surrounded by his "staff".

Funny Obama Visits Lake Tahoe

Obama Visits Lake Tahoe
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature work on Trump and O. with a Beautifully colored fish. Great job Hits.
Thanks gang. I was in Tahoe when he came. You never saw sooooooooooo many cops in your life. There was a virtual army of them. Of course I had Joni drive in case we were stopped and I had to show my license. I expect I am on at least one watch list considering some of the unfavorable chops I have done of him. Hahahahahahahahahahahaah

Funny Dry Lake Bed Dali

Dry Lake Bed Dali
Member reactions:
Congrats, Hit-Man. Love the Elephant and his long legs. Only a handful of artist could pull that off. *Applause*
Gold Congrats Hits, as Dali like as it gets. Yellow flower, the perfect accent.
, no, . Congrats spinner, freaking delicious.
Thanks a million, Bob, DD, Gummy , Champ, Andrew, SS, Steve & Luciano
Fantastic piece of artistry Hits,congrats on the gold

Funny Parrot Playing Hockey on a Lake in Winter

Parrot Playing Hockey on a Lake in Winter
Member reactions:
Nice work. Nice reflections and snow effect
Thank you for comments, NewsMaster, Hobbit and Preemiememe.
He's gotta be looking at his Hockey Mom over there.
Don't worry, Mom is always over here. Good idea for next time winter mom and baby.
Wanderer, this is wonderful . Gold congrats ..
Thank you, MsgtBob, Sunshine, NewsMaster and Evirio.

Funny Barack Obama's Golf Buggy Lands in a Lake with an Alligator

Barack Obama's Golf Buggy Lands in a Lake with an Alligator
Member reactions:
Obama in water... hilarious... and scary to see the alligator... good turn of the source pic
He might have found new way under the water.

Funny The Carters Lake Monster

The Carters Lake Monster
We run lots of spoofs in our paper. There's a monster in many lakes around the world, surely there must be one right here in North Georgia in Carters Lake. Right. Well we spotted CLEM (Carters Lake Monster) and we have the photos to prove it. So there. Here's a link to the in-depth story http://issuu.com/tboebrj/docs/thebestof-ebrj-9/37.e=8740931/8025202
Member reactions:
This is totally awesome,love Nessie,classic
Lovely work nice starry effect and quality in picture
A gold congrats Robb,my favorite in the competition
Thanks everybody.. Wait till I tell Clem.
Congrats on the gold, Robb. You've created a monster, and it's a cutie.
Thanks NewsMaster - Yes he had to be a Monster but kind of cute because lots of kids read our paper and go to the lake so that was a challenge, didn't want to scare them. Who says monsters can't be cute.

Funny George Bush Dancing in Swan Lake

George Bush Dancing in Swan Lake
Member reactions:
This is good although I feel Mr Bush should be wearing ballet shoes.

Funny Lake

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