Aphids Disguised Hidden Inside Car Ladybug
Aphids Disguised Hidden Inside Car Ladybug
Aphids Disguised Hidden Inside Car Ladybug. Incoming. Protect the Queen and her babies.
Member reactions:
Ha. Let's take the family car to the zoo.

Funny Ladybug Fighting Against Chameleons

Ladybug Fighting Against Chameleons
Member reactions:
Lovely work its wonderful to see all of these
Wood for andwhat too, woo hoo. Colorful chop.

Funny Ladybug Dragon

Ladybug Dragon
soon on a tree of a Tim Burton movie

Funny Independence Day Ladybug

Independence Day Ladybug
Member reactions:
Fantastic job with colors, lights and shadows.
love how the flag overlays/contours perfectly to the ladybug.... i need more practice at that.... great job.
Love it. It has this special mood with the green hue colors.

Funny Ladybug Filling Up On Gas

Ladybug Filling Up On Gas
Member reactions:
"Field full of fake flowers... I get beat up by killer bees... and now cheap gas. This is my last trip to the city"
Absolutely beautiful. My favorite in this contest.
Awesome job. Is that a turbo beetle. Just a slight bit of gray pixles at the base of the gas tank where the shadow meets the base.
Congrats Ryan on your first gold...it's turbo-riffic
Congratulations... very, very, bealtiful.

Funny Ladybug with a Can of Coke

Ladybug with a Can of Coke

Funny Ladybug with Eyes on it's Wings

Ladybug with Eyes on it's Wings
Nobody's sneakin' up on this little lady.

Funny Praying Mantis vs Ladybug

Praying Mantis vs Ladybug
Member reactions:
Bug Wars, eh. Now if this was a movie poster ... oh and it's 'leaves', not 'leafs'. (grammar police)
Thanks for the grammar I just corrected.

Funny Woman with Ladybug Eyes

Woman with Ladybug Eyes
Halloween is soon...
Member reactions:
I need to see the original, I think that's my Ex
"It's a long story, involving secret boxes, zombies, and a stupid curse... you know the usual stuff."
Great job. I think she's a bit like a ball warmer cause she's also been my ex... EDIT: why does it automatically change into "ball warmer" when i try to type S L U T

Funny John Kerry Riding Down a River on Ladybugs

John Kerry Riding Down a River on Ladybugs

Funny Ladybug

Photoshop this ladybug image any way you wish. Examples may include giving it a new paint job, merging the ladybug with some other object or animal, including the ladybug in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Lyina for the idea, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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