THE BIRD LADY. Member reactions:
Interesting merge. Nice blue big diamond.


Member reactions:
Great Humor, Awesome. Congrats on the Wood.
Thank you, thank you very much my freaking family. It was unexpected.

Funny Lady Gaga on $10 Bill

Lady Gaga on $10 Bill

Funny The Ironing Lady movie

The Ironing Lady movie
Hold the starch please.
Member reactions:
Conrats on the gold LunaC,knew this was a winner,great job as always
Awesome pun, clean execution. Congrats on the gold, Luna.
Congrads on the Gold cup.Awesome it's a keeper.

Funny Lady GaGa in Lucky Strike Advert

Lady GaGa in Lucky Strike Advert
Member reactions:
I'd suggest making the texture of Gaga match the ad and changing the text in the background to include Gaga's name.
Doesn't even need the fine type. I think it is great.

Funny Lady in Black digital painting

Lady in Black digital painting
Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Looks like that gal in Jewel of the Nile, Kathlene Turner. Nice work Joan Wilder McKay

Funny Lady D. D. Kim Isn

Lady D. D. Kim Isn
Member reactions:
Sweet couple....but what about that strong light on baby's face .
Decent work, but I would add a neck to the baby
Fixed the light on face, the baby didn't have a neck in source pic.

Funny Raphael's Lady With A Tablet

Raphael's Lady With A Tablet
Member reactions:
This is awesome Both the images looks great
Way to go, Girl... Cleverly done chop. Congrats on the gold.. .
Super Image, Hobbit. Congrats on the win.
Congrats on the gold, Hobbit. Great modernization

Funny Lady Putin Pavlovska Palace

Lady Putin Pavlovska Palace
Sultry Miss Putin
Member reactions:
Like the makeover and the chest hair concept good one
You are right Luciano, I spent so much time worrying about hair and make up I lost the likeness

Funny Ladies of Late Night

Ladies of Late Night

Funny Juggling Lady

Juggling Lady
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Older people are often advised by doctors to learn and practice juggling regularly. The reason? Juggling involves many quick and precise coordination movements, which trains your brain as well as your body. Plus, it's a nice amusement skill to have - you'll be the heart of any geezer party if you can still juggle in your 80s. The old lady in the today's source photo hasn't gathered a fan crowd... yet. But we'll help her have fun today. Photoshop this photo of an old lady juggling any way you wish. Some examples are - show what other objects she may juggle and what other talents she may have, etc. (Image credit: Helen ST)

Funny Old Lady

Old Lady
Photoshop the photo of this old lady crossing the road any way you wish. Some examples are: show what unexpected places this lady may be heading to, give her a new outfit. These are just some ideas. (Many thanks to Philipp Rein for providing the source photo.) This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News.

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