Monkey Scientist in His Lab
Monkey Scientist in His Lab
Monkey Scientist in His Lab. Member reactions:
Thanks diamonds, Disasterman and rajeshstar.
Congratulations. Scientist is the correct spelling for the record.
Thanks tiggerxty, Tuco, geriatric, I don't speak english, sorry for the "Cientist".
Dalhe Joo. tu ta ficando sinistro nisso hein amigo. parabens, ouro merecido
Valeu mesmo Ivan, vindo de voc fico mt feliz.

Funny My First Meth Lab Child Toy

My First Meth Lab Child Toy
Consumer Product Safety Commission Cracking Down on Unsafe Toys
Member reactions:
Perfect, its my Gran-daughters Birthday on Saturday and I had no idea what to get her
Freaking hilarious. I bet it would sell, hahaha.

Funny Spanish Cocaine Lab Bust

Spanish Cocaine Lab Bust
Spanish police seize 'largest, most sophisticated' cocaine lab What if Bill Nye "The Science Guy" was running the Lab.
Member reactions:
The message he received on the phone was...from Pablo E. says... "Bill. their onto us get out of there... asap....."
I can't picture Bill Nye running this type of Lab on Earth; maybe Mars.
It's a fabulous, illustration chop but I don't see the connection between the article and Bill Nye. Sorry.
Yeah I know Bill Nye doesn't have anything to do with it, but I just thought since he was a scientist, just to make things more interesting, wouldn't it be funny if he was running the lab, since he is such a clean cut guy, but I guess it didn't translate well enough.
Actually I don't like to read news, but I like the way you worked here. It's Amazing and Colorful Chop.
Lots of work. Amazing satirical composition around the news article. Professional.
beautiful and mass of details work here BENZIBOX , Nothing Better than FN to reinvigorate and sharpen one's skills. Congrats.
Congrats on the silver, Benzi. You are on a roll.

Funny Creating Robot Boy Face in Lab

Creating Robot Boy Face in Lab
This is a parallel world, everything is strange. This is a child, curiously observing her father's experiments. The container is the face that his father has promised.
Member reactions:
OOOO I love this freaky kind of stuff Nice work Hence the name freaking news haha no pun there
I was going to comment on this earlier but got distracted. Your parents left you alone too much hahahahahahaa, what incredibly bizzarre imaginings hahahahah I love it.
Congrats on the wood TaitaViracocha, super chop.
TaitaViracocha. congratss ... great stuff.. and i think i agree with hits......must be why i love your stuff so much ..

Funny Underwear Lab Test

Underwear Lab Test
Member reactions:
I like the seriousness with which the researcher takes those samples from the underwear.
Congrat's Edson, that this be the first of many victories here in FN, you deserves.. Happinesses. Junka

Funny Lab Rat

Lab Rat
Member reactions:
Im wondering if there is more than just text slapped on this.
no not really

Funny Virus Escapes Government Lab

Virus Escapes Government Lab
Member reactions:
Hahaha, I remember that virus dude from years ago.
Congrats Newsy. No oldtimerz yet. It is indeed 'Stan the Stupid Virus' he was apparently in remission.

Funny Virtual Barbie Lab

Virtual Barbie Lab

Funny Lab Frog

Lab Frog
Member reactions:
Interesting concept but remember that shadows are your friends

Funny Cat Lab

Cat Lab
Member reactions:
the eyes could be a bit darker, but its a nice image

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