FIFA Kylian Cup Trophy
FIFA Kylian Cup Trophy
FIFA Kylian Cup Trophy. Member reactions:
Awesome work on gold statue. Silver Congrats Mano.

Funny Kylian Mbappe vs. Small Dinosaur

Kylian Mbappe vs. Small Dinosaur
No Triceratops were harmed during the making of this manipulation.
Member reactions:
You better not let Mama Dino see you kicking baby dino.
Congrats on your win, my favorite, the little one by his foot is too cute.
If he would have been holding a Possum he might have won. Grats on the Bronzness
Thank you very much, Hobbit. And thanks for the fave.
Thanks, Gummy. I don't know. I'm sure someone would take offense in Opossum Kicking too.
Bronze congrats, SplatS. Baby back Dino ribs n fish for dinner Lol. Great Job
Thanks, Reggie. Well... maybe just the fish for dinner. I'm pulling for the Dino to get away (:

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