Freddy Krueger Kid Dungeon
Freddy Krueger Kid Dungeon
Freddy Krueger Kid Dungeon.

Funny Freddy Krueger Hunting

Freddy Krueger Hunting
Member reactions:
Silver moon congratulations, ground zero.

Funny Mr and Mrs. Krueger Movie

Mr and Mrs. Krueger Movie
Member reactions:
Superb. Love the razor cuts on her clothes.

Funny Freddy Krueger's Holiday

Freddy Krueger's Holiday
Freddy's Holiday
Member reactions:
Wouldn't want him holidaying in my necka the woods o_0 Nice one.

Funny Freddy Krueger Sneaking Up on Some Kids

Freddy Krueger Sneaking Up on Some Kids
Member reactions:
I like it better with Freddy, kicks it up a notch. Looked great before, but this just takes it to a whole new level. Maybe come up with a "nightmare" that Freddy is leading them to up the path. Like a dream world.
Agree with peg, only Freddy seems not belong there... my opinion. Great atmosphere, good work with the lightning. A shadow of the rail on the boots would make it perfect.
Well Freddy stays cuz the layers are merged and i'm not starting over. Did try to add the shading on the girls boots though. Good tip.
Shadow on the legs looks great.. I like Freddy there. One idea, and I don't know if it would work or make it worse. ( you decide) Maybe the bright cheerful pink sky could be made into an ominous dark sky fading into your castle. Maybe the dirty red and grungy, moldy green of Freddy's old sweater.
This is the result. I have enough of this picture. Wanna do another one. Thanks for the tips Pegleg.
really cool. maybe a few more clouds under the castle to hold it up a bit more
congrats on the silver and the bronze, jeremix.. great entries.
Love this composition. I think Freddy adds a special touch to it. Congratulations on the bronze, Jer.

Funny Freddie Krueger the Ballerina

Freddie Krueger the Ballerina
He's fierce on the stage -and in your dreams. Sources:
Member reactions:
Man, this makes him like twice bigger freak than he is. Genius concept.
Congratulations on your first medal, psy. One of my favorites in the contest
Thanks to all of you, I think I like it here. I would especially like to thank Dr. Pepper for keeping me going when I got too tired to finish; Dr. your bubbly effervescence is a constant inspiration.
Great job, psylocke. Love the idea of using Freddy.. Congrats.

Funny Freddy Krueger vs. Edward Scissorhands

Freddy Krueger vs. Edward Scissorhands
Member reactions:
Just dying to be done. This must be part 20 or something in the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Funny Freddy Krueger Nightmare Bobblehead

Freddy Krueger Nightmare Bobblehead
Member reactions:
Quality work. Fine details here - full view is recommended.
Congrats Deb Bobblehead Krueger coming soon to a fright store near you...hehe
Congratulations on the win, Deb - wonderful image.
Awesome. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Funny Freddy Krueger Painting

Freddy Krueger Painting
Freddie On Painting

Funny Jude Law as Freddy Krueger

Jude Law as Freddy Krueger
CLICK to check the Jude Law source.

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