Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger. Member reactions:
Beautifully done illustrated effect. Amazing work Manosart, congrats on a winning cup among so many outstanding entries.
Congrats Manos. Very aristocratic. Frederick the First
Marvelous. You did a fine artistic rendering of a sort that looks great. Congrats

Funny Freddy Krueger Monkey

Freddy Krueger Monkey

Funny Turkey as Freddy Krueger

Turkey as Freddy Krueger

Funny Joe Biden as Freddy Krueger

Joe Biden as Freddy Krueger
Member reactions:

Funny Freddy Krueger's Cat

Freddy Krueger's Cat
Don't fall asleep.
Member reactions:
Love it, fantastic work on this, congrats on the win.
Congrats on the gold LunaC Really awesome.

Funny Freddy Krueger and Son

Freddy Krueger and Son
I'd keep this kid at arms length too.
Member reactions:
Freaking histerical. Krueger shouldn't be surprised of such a child.
Congratulations Silver L.C... Great Chop.
Very funny Lunac,,, Congratulations on the Silver...
A face only a mother could love, hahaha. I wonder who the mom is. The "Love Dad" button totally rocks here. Congrats on the silver, Luna.

Funny Freddy Krueger Sends Jason a Valentines Heart

Freddy Krueger Sends Jason a Valentines Heart
Member reactions:
Heart squeezing chop..... Jason with a flower in hand... so strange great chop of putting the heart in that box and making Jason to feel for one moment
There is a quote for be loved Jason: If I had letters “hrt” I can add “ea” and get “heart”, If I add “u” then I’ld “hurt” but I rather get hurt than have a heart without you.
Congrats on the gold, funkster. Literally "bloody" great chop.

Funny Freddy Krueger Finger Portrait

Freddy Krueger Finger Portrait

Funny Gonzo as Freddie Krueger

Gonzo as Freddie Krueger
Member reactions:
Funny, funny . . . the resemblance is all in the nose . . . his hat being crooked adds to the humor . . . Nice work.
Thank you D-man. Thank you for comment IcyAllEyeCan Thank you very much geriatric. Thank you very much nepaguy59 and rajeshstar. Thank you balodiya. Thank you very much qtrmoonshop with "Q".
Krueger is looking great, bronze congrats.
Thank you very much pcrdds, Black, Sunshin3 and NewsMaster, I'm glad for you have liked.

Funny Freddie Krueger The Violinist

Freddie Krueger The Violinist
Member reactions:
Nicely done...and the writing is hysterical. Everyone should read it.
I see you've added some things...nicely done, hidden dude or dudette.
Ha ha ha ha.......HAAAAaaaaaaaHHHhh..... The soundtrack could make or break this feature. Good one.
Hilarious concept and perfect blend - looks like a genuine poster. The FN tagged violin is a nice touch
Thanks Newsy........ not easy to make a silhouette play the violin.

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