Goddess Kristin Kreuk
Goddess Kristin Kreuk
Goddess Kristin Kreuk. Member reactions:
Nice use of the original source
Thank you Kellie ... It was a simple job of color adjustment. But the end result was good.
Oh... Thanks balodiya. I loved your comment.

Funny Kristen Kreuk Modern Raphael Painting

Kristen Kreuk Modern Raphael Painting
Member reactions:
I love how you modernized and combined photos and art here.
43 voters voted. That rocks. Top 3.. same pic. I sense the is gemius in the air *) Very atractive treatment, Funk. Three chops, all great but you put in the extra hours. There's the secret.
Congrats,very niiice
Thanks all, it's tough to make a chop look bad with Kristen as the subject. Hits, extra hours is one of the secrets.... I do put in lots on some chops, this one was relatively fast (3 or 4 hours). The main thing for me though, is I can't bring myself to submit an entry until I'm happy with it, and feel it's finished to my satisfaction... the perfectionist in me I guess...good thing you can't see my housekeeping skills though, . I'm only good at some things.
Congrats Funkwood, this image such left me speechless... Very well deserved Gold medal... Congrats...
Yep, 4 hours sounds pretty quick. Hey I managed to get CS2 working and got a Topaz suite 30 day trial that actually ain't crashing. But I don't have Redfield perfectum anymore so try to get similar effects by hand smudging and pushing Topaz Adjust 3 a bit past what it was meant to do. So I'm wrapped up in some expirimental phases which ads time. Last three chops I have done averaged out to about 10 hrs. each. Got a dandy in over at another site and one in the bull pen waiting to pounce on the next freakshow. Have a great weekend D.
Congrats, Funk. Kristen & Raphael would be proud of ya.

Funny Symmetrical Kristin Kreuk

Symmetrical Kristin Kreuk

Funny Kristen Kreuk by Durer

Kristen Kreuk by Durer
Member reactions:
Perfect blend. You changed the background right. Great work on the moonlight on her face side.
I hate it when there is nothing to complain about
funkwoood i thought this might be you congratulations
Thanks all. I was trying to emulate AZ colors here... Not the ususal palette I'm used to.... I'm green and yellow and he's blue and red.
Congrats Funkster Nice job. Tis also great choice in subject matter, as I did Kruek with the same Durer painting, . Guess more voters watch Smallville than I presumed. I haven't really noticed to be stuck in red and blue lately. In poker, that's deemed as a tell....will have to check this out. Thanks for the observation and always glad to see you trying new things.
Funkwood doesn't watch Smallville ... he probably knows her since they're both from BC. . Awesome work.
this was AMAZING DESIGN my dear friend I like to looking at your works Congrats Funkster on the silver
I do remember this entry AZ, and was aware of it when I was creating this chop. It's a great entry, the hair and the earring are a nice touch.
Excellent work FW. Still no time to work on my animated avatar Some day.

Funny Kristen Kreuk by Dali

Kristen Kreuk by Dali
Member reactions:
I see Dali fan here. Amazing work. I like her drawers
An Ad for FrEAKING NeWS wine, I can do that either. Excellent...
I don't mean to skirt the issue. Ahhr. Ahhr. But could you add a couple drawer knobs. I'm feeling lonely.
ppff, i've seen better. I just don't remember where anymore....:|
Nicely done, should place well, good luck
Thanks all.. I'm not sure how I came up with this one... I just knew i wanted to chop an image with Kristen in it, she's a real bombshell. I guess that was inspiration enough. . Jeremix... I'm honored. That's really FUNKY...
mommy-coddling, funkwood, stop winning for once. No, congrats for that. Just top-notch stuff.
More outstanding work funkwood. Congrats on a fine win.
Thanks Grabthar. Here's a tip... I'm not in the next contest, so go for it. . Cheers.
Impressive, most impressive. There is power in this one. I bet you could resurect old Salvadore by pinning this chop to his head stone. Congrads to you, very well deserved A++++++++
One of the best Funkster That's what I call inspiring.
Thanx KB & RM. I hope I'm inspiring u to enter a contest AZ. It'd be nice to see what's brewing with u lately..

Funny Kristin Kreuk Holding Flowers with a Deer

Kristin Kreuk Holding Flowers with a Deer
Member reactions:
I love the combination of sources. This should score very high. Lots of work invested.
I meant Kristin Kreuk, is she a celebrity. I guess I could google, but I'm just lazy.
Thanks for the interest pegleg, she's a canadian born actress... also superman's girlfriend in smallville
It's getting to be a routine to say congrats to you Funkwood.
Thanks everyone. And a special thanks to Rainman who inspired me to do this creation with his great entry "Superman's Girlfriend" click here to see it jeremix, somehow i never get tired of hearing that word though. Cheers
Queen Guinevere

Funny Evil Kristen Kreuk

Evil Kristen Kreuk
Kristen Kreuk source
Member reactions:
Silver congratulations, Rain. You can see from her horns, even as devil, she's still hot
Nice entries all in this contest, I got lucky this time. I personally liked your Curse of Iran pic the best. I've learned quite a bit from you since I signed up this April. Keep on choppin
Thanks all I put a subliminal in this one, notice the heart shape in the tip of the horns fire.

Funny Kristin Kreuk and Smallville Cast with Nose Eyes

Kristin Kreuk and Smallville Cast with Nose Eyes

Funny Kristin Kreuk with no Neck

Kristin Kreuk with no Neck

Funny Kristin Kreuk and Kirsten Dunst Partial Face Transplant

Kristin Kreuk and Kirsten Dunst Partial Face Transplant
Kristin Kreuk and Kirsten Dunst: Spiderman and Superman now have the same girlfriend.

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