The Kratos Fish of War
The Kratos Fish of War
The Kratos Fish of War. This is a memorial to my pet betta fish, Kratos, who passed away recently at 3 years old. He was named after the character from God of War. The other fish in the image were his tank mates, who died quite a long time ago. Here are some of my sources. Please view full to see the detail I put into the font at the top, created in Diablo III styling.
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Beautiful picture of Kratos, he would have loved the pic.
Nice Chop. The Merman is a novel idea. }{
Love the mermaid merge on Kratos so beautifully done

Funny Kratos in the Second World War

Kratos in the Second World War
Kratos is our hero in the videogames..but in this photo seems that he was a real hero in the world war Please Full Size
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really thought this would have ranked higher. would be interesting to see the sources

Funny The Ninja Warrior Kratos

The Ninja Warrior Kratos
hope you like it guys
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Is this a top news story of the week ... Where is the link to the story ..... Just trying to help ya my friend .
i dont know what is the news but its look cool see kartos hahaha
Great work. really cool. maybe u can find a news link to fit.
Perhaps you meant to enter it in the upcoming "Freak Show."
You need a linked News article with your entry.
Nice to see this found its"rightful" home. For a moment, I thought Kratos finally lost his mind and killed someone. I'd been worried about that. SUPER JOB.-
that's make me looks like killer .. great blend here , and thank you
, brilliant work.... just love it... Kratos, you look evil mate....
i been playing ( Resident Evil ) lately maybe that's the reason Goat
hahahaha, good game too.. like this pic alot...

Funny Kratos the Super Saiyan

Kratos the Super Saiyan
This is Gift for my friend Designer Kratos here the Skectch of my Draw and here the Refrence pic Source Pic Hope you like it Guys
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WoOoW freaking cool dragon kratos grea work here
Somebody is a total master of illustration. you should illustrate fantasy books. Kratos looks mighty cool here. Those months in the gym didn't go unnoticed.
man .. that's truly unbelievable draw .. totally breath-taking .. thank you alot for that gift .. i gonna print it on wall too
OK Kratos, did you do this chop. Great work, congrats on your 1st entry and gold cup to boot, nice way to start.
Beautiful work I see Krato's paid for this yes. You do commisions for people eh, that's pretty cool way of sharing what looks to be a great talent. Congrats, I'm a DBZ fan from long ago.
Congrats on the gold Kratos, I figured that was you.
Now that rocks, beautiful Illustration work, congrats largee17
Congrats on the gold my friend that's really freaky-awesome work .. hope to see more works from you here with us ..
Congrats on the win, largee. And welcome to Freaking News.
Congrats on the gold. Fantastic illustration work and welcome to freaking news largee17

Funny Kratos The Gladiator

Kratos The Gladiator
Please view full
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People should view LARGE so they can see the cast names. Great job.
llll... now this is cute... it took me a while to read the Arabic word cause it's backwards ... which by the way means (( Bedouin ))... great chop here..
Thanks. I just went to google translator, typed in "Badass" and that's what came out the other end.
. I was voting entry to entry and this caught me totally unexpected - I laughed hard. This version of Kratos is a walking-talking legend. and I like how you did FN credits too
hahaha Badass = Bedouin. I guess it'll translate good ass = J-Lo
We'll have to get a bigger gun to deal with this MadMan. Great work-I'm sure he'll frame this chop.
Congratulations RWPike.
Congrats, Pikester. As usual, magnificent work.
Once again rw whooped our butts CONGRATS ON THE GOLD.
congrats on the gold, it's an amaing work
funny one pike , congrats on the gold and thanx
ahhahahaha Congrats KRATOS, i'll watch that movie....
Congrats Rwpike .It's a freaking good caricature of kratos...looks great.

Funny Kratos Cyclops

Kratos Cyclops
Member reactions:
Kratos looks good good chop
Dunno what's freakier, kratos with one eye, or kratos in a shirt and tie.
bwahahahahah that's freaky cool just wondering who would do that . thanks
I figured out what makes certain chops a cut above others in these eye contests, And that is the better chops seem to be the artists that took one eyem split it down the middle and stitched two symetrical halves back together. Like here Nicely done
that was really funny and great chop sid King you surprised me alot when I see it at first time , thank you alot mate it's mean alot too for me

Funny Designer Kratos Wanted

Designer Kratos Wanted
I would like to thank Kratos, that contributed to the portrait of this work. DesignerKratos Thank you very much..... Please full view.
Member reactions:
What's the .... .. really fantastic work .. I will print it in my home many thanks hidden , good luck
Thank you very much Kratos.....
realmeert . i should switch off my photoshop and run a way hahaha
Hahaha...the most wanted in the world. Quickly we catch he and gets present. Kratos doesn't go too far that we easy to catch your. Its fantastic poster design.
This is great. Nice design, awesome concept......Kratos better watch out if the 20,000,000 statement is true though...they'll all be after him
Have edited the picture. From now on, Reward: $ 20,000,000.
This is awesome.. Fantastic. Nice design and great composition.
20.000.000 ... now I must really be careful from fn members hahahah
$20,000,000.. that is like.... a kazillion FN credits
hehe Yes $20,000,000 ...
Another amazing piece man. Your work is fantastic dude.
Bracey : :O Thank you very much ,dude. Thank you.....'re ready for the Big-Time with this chop. You will have to battle Kratos though. Congrats.
Congratulation amadeus1990. Because this very good poster.
Congrats amadeus,... I kinda suspected this was yours. Great tribute to Krtaos, our king in the making..
Thanks guys.
really great one amadeus I will print it today but I am afraid about that maybe my friends will believe that and they will catch me hahahhaa thank you so much and it's great honor for me ... also congrats on the silver
Thank you very much for your congratulations Kratos. You do not need to thank you for my honor to have been used in the portrait. Thanks my friend
(szia Krisz,félreolvastad,azt írta,h gyanakodott is rá,h te csináltad a képet,gondolom mert már ismer téged annyira,szal nincs gond ) CONGRATS AMADEUSZ..
Jaaa okés,akkor rosszul értelmeztem. Rendben van. Thanks Gabol.

Funny Kratos Monster

Kratos Monster
Click for Sources
Member reactions:
Hope you didn't have to sell your soul for your art skills ... Great work man.
I like the colours, though it really has been saturated with filters way too much in my opinion
omg ... I was sure this my design will lose before I made this design hahahahah coz it's was my first try to make some one monster any way thanks for great comments there will be nice surprise so soon I think

Funny Kratos Warrior in Desert

Kratos Warrior in Desert
This is for my good friend Kratos. Please view full and Sources
Member reactions:
Kratos looks mighty fine in this pic.Very well done.
WOw what an amazing Design is this .... it's awsome in Full View , thanx so much hidden and good luck
He reminds mi Orlando Bloom here, but Kratos is way cooler. I like that Prince of Photoshop sign
that was great work coolkat , thanx so much about this amazing pic for me my surprise will be soon keep going friend

Funny Portrait Of Kratos

Portrait Of Kratos
Just having some fun
Member reactions:
thank u

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