Kim Jong Un in the North Korean Up Movie
Kim Jong Un in the North Korean Up Movie
Kim Jong Un in the North Korean Up Movie. Member reactions:
Cool job. The North Korean flag looks a little too stiff (and cut out), and maybe change the flag on his sleeve.

Funny Kim Jong Un's North Korean Nuclear Bomb Design

Kim Jong Un's North Korean Nuclear Bomb Design
North Korea's Nuclear Program: How advanced is it.
Member reactions:
Great job. Woody congrats, GRM. "The devil's in the details"
He's a detailer for sure. Congrats GRM. Beautifully crafted masterpiece
we'll be in big trouble when he learns how to read. congrats GRM.

Funny Kim Jong Un Holding a Roast Pig with North Korean Soldiers

Kim Jong Un Holding a Roast Pig with North Korean Soldiers

Funny North Korean Space Program Using Kingfisher Birds

North Korean Space Program Using Kingfisher Birds
This just popped into my head when trying to think of something to do.
Member reactions:
Nice, I just caught myself clicking on the "Fake Stories" tab.
Fantastic piece of work, should have scored way higher



Funny North Korean Submarine Rocket Launch

North Korean Submarine Rocket Launch
Look out. Kim Jong Un is diabolically clever. Most would never know that he had experts Photoshop pictures showing submarine rocket launches. Kim Jong Un Fools the World.
Member reactions:
I hate to have to explain the punchline---but since you asked...The news story is about Kim Jong Un distributing photos of a missile launch that were obviously Photoshopped. Hence the obvious drop shadows
They were caught with bad photoshop before, they did it again. Great chop, Luna.

Funny Noth Korean War Threats

Noth Korean War Threats
North Korean War Threats
Member reactions:
"Yeah. Go 'Do War'" you Moron. You captured the moment with this chop.
Good work seen on the recruitment poster before the War to begins

Funny Mad Korean Kim Jong Un

Mad Korean Kim Jong Un
North Korea: "a state of war against the South." Threats to the U.S.
Member reactions:
Another Idiot striving for attention & power. Nice work.
Outstanding job with great illuminated and well designed chop... good work with fire effects and the three Nuclear weapons behind him creates a new terror to the whole world nice one well tried.....
He dont listen to others and doing bad things to the society.. Good message to public with his bad gesture of not listing to the pain of humanity
Excellent work. hidden that's some scary sh.t, eh ...
A beautiful piece of work Ricky, congratulations winning a cup
Congrats on the Bronze Ricky some really nice smoke and lighting effect work I was wondering if you created the body pose.
Congratulations. You captured that fat little Piggie as he, really, is in life.
Allegorical art. Congrats on the bronze, Ricky.

Funny North Korean Lego

North Korean Lego
Member reactions:
I like this, good show of mortality by showing him as Robo.. but with idiotic toy.. he is crazy. Nice work of starry effect

Funny Korean Elephant Rocket

Korean Elephant Rocket
Member reactions:
Love the expression on Fatty McPuppet-Boy's face. Contest just turned-back to non-vote status so, had to re-enter my comment. oops.
Someone needs to show him this photo. AWESOME.
Best rocket ever from best buddy Fantastic work in each pixel, so funny concept and the way you put all together is so brilliant, good luck
Full Marks to this chop excellent and marvelous way it was presented and the use of elephant and the fire emitting from the back looking it like a an ignition and forcing it to fly is really wonderful all the best for the trophy
Vrey Funny Amazing design idea boy looks very nice, Nice hair band
Congratulations. Laughing all day into next week.
great caricature. congrats again, Rainman.

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