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Funny Korea Pictures

Rodman craps his way out of North KoreaFunny Rodman craps his way out of North Korea
Member reactions:

Out of North Korea and all the way into the Sea of Japan. least he'll have his own homemade Life Preserver to keep him afloat.
Great leaders are shown in cartoon characters looks funny Huh..

Cannibal Meal Feeds KoreaFunny Cannibal Meal Feeds Korea
Member reactions:

Cannibals if only Kim Jong Un could donate his body to his people it could feed the world .
Seems they all are very hungry Great job done
Scary Cannibalism Beware before you plan your holidays to Korea
thanks everyone Sorry Its a bit gross..
Euwwwwwwwwww, pre hahahahahahaha. Never would have guessed this was yours. Nice stitching.
Gross and brilliant. Congrats on the bronze, pree.

North vs. South KoreaFunny North vs. South Korea
Member reactions:

very well done, cool job love the cracky land and the face of the guys were really funny

North Korea Watching ObamaFunny North Korea Watching Obama
Member reactions:

North Korea will achieve nothing by threats or provocations
Yeh its awesome, so clean and very interesting work, like the missile, cloud binocular is so real, its simply perfect
Thank you all who have commented so far ....
Great to see the caricatured image of Obama, his lips and the ears were to perfect, appreciate the image and the news link is exactly matching, very well done with the boy behind imitating obama
I Dont know which way the rocket went, but your posting has gone in correct path Well done hidden
Very nicely done Chili... cool caricature and great concept.
Like this a lot Chili ... Nice work, especially with the shadow & light on Obama's face.
Honestly... one of the best chops in the contest. I saw the source photo and you did a pro work on it to turn it into this chop. Extra kudos for photo-realism here.

Missiles Launched from KoreaFunny Missiles Launched from Korea
Member reactions:

North Korea launches missiles They had to launch two missiles because they couldn't fit Kim Jong-Il's pudgy body into one.
Thanks, G-Man. thanks, Newsy. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, Chili Man.
Thanks, HH but no more silver fillings. Besides, I was a gum doctor, not a driller and filler. Thanks, dd.
Chewing gum. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah
So great. Love it. Congrats on the silver.

Korea and Iran Nuclear AlliesFunny Korea and Iran Nuclear Allies
Member reactions:

oh yes geriatric... two really idiots hehehehe
This is Fantastic. All the Best. Good Luck for you.
thank you joaon... you really are too kind to me.
thank you paul... oh no... pcrdds... paul is hidden... hehehe
hahaha, Awesome work mate...hahahahaha I love it....always the best mate..
thank you friend goat... i am happy you like my work
congratulations.... excellent... ricky.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, much deserved to you. Your works are freaking great.

Chenoan Crisis North KoreaFunny Chenoan Crisis North Korea
Member reactions:

South Korea has taken its dispute with North Korea to the UN Security Council, saying Pyongyang must admit to sinking its warship and endangering peace. (The North denies responsibility and has accused the South of staging the incident to help Mr Lee(above) in local elections this week.) Source
Congrats on the gold SidKain, great chop.

North Korea OK's Nuke Inspections!Funny North Korea OK's Nuke Inspections!
Member reactions:

NEWS Da Source
Nice job all over, ditto what Peg said
This looks like a political puppet cartoon - love the style, and great news of news story. Congratulations on the silver, Sid.
Got a good laugh out of this one, nice work Sid.
That guy is ALWAYS worth lampooning. Congrats Sid. Nicely done.
Congrats sid. great chop. love the post-it note. great silver chop.

North Korea Nuclear TestFunny North Korea Nuclear Test
Member reactions:

Does it come with a special Allen wrench.
Nuke Darts from the creator of North Korea. Coming to a country near you.

North Korea Nuclear TestFunny North Korea Nuclear Test
Member reactions:

Kim Jong-il and Tang Jiaxuan posed for this picture proving that N. Korea has successfully tested nuclear weapons. The photograph was printed in all the newspapers. Did you see it yesterday's USA Today.
Before you die you see a flash ~ Kim Jong-il, creator of "The Ring II"

North Korea Explodes Nuclear BombFunny North Korea Explodes Nuclear Bomb - [ If you haven't heard the explosion yesterday, nor saw the TV or read newspapers, let me say it real quick - North Korea exploded its first nuclear bomb under ground yesterday. At least they claim they did, because scientists are skeptical it was a nuclear explosion. Seismographs all over the world detected a blast at around 1 kiloton or less - equivalent to the explosive force of 1,000 tons of TNT. For a nuclear device, that would be so weak that the French defense minister suggested that "there could have been a failure" with the North Korean reported test. ] OK, let's see what we have here. Seismographs all over the world detect a blast too weak for atomic explosion. North Korea says "It was a nuclear explosion, dammit!". It was underground too, so there're no radioactive clouds that can be detected either. With the same luck, North Korean Kim Jong-il could have farted in the UN building and claim it was a nuke exlposion. And then other world leaders could confirm that they heard a blast, and that it definitely smells fishy. In this contest you are asked to show that North Korean Nuclear test was a staged hoax. Show the creative ways how they could have done it; magazine covers exposing the hoax; tourism advertisements promoting North Korean amusements, new products and toys connected to fake nukes, etc.

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