Godzilla Vs King Kong
Godzilla Vs King Kong
Godzilla Vs King Kong.

Funny King Kong Next Gen

King Kong Next Gen
In Theaters starting TODAY. May the Fourth be with you.
Member reactions:
Bronze Cup Congrats, LunaC. Striking image. Your sources work together well.
He does make a good Gorilla, congrats on your win.

Funny Bad Day All Around Hong Kong Harbor

Bad Day All Around  Hong Kong Harbor
Member reactions:
The assassin looks like he has a chopped off hand.

Funny Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Funny Baby Kong

Baby Kong

Funny King Kong

King Kong
Best View
Member reactions:
. Tough Crowd
You noticed too. Sometimes I just want to quit. Subtle pinks..., nicely done
Dear God Splat,why are you all the way down here.Your King Kong should have cupped .Crazy contest this time.
Thanks, Hits. I had a bolder color, but just didn't like it so I scaled it back a lot. It has to please me first, regardless of the outcome. Sort of a principle I chop by. Ah heck, I know better. You ain't gonna quit, you'll just hit back bigger and badder than you did before. Thanks very much Debbie. That Means A lot.
You didn't need a bolder color,this chop stands on its own.Its a gem that got buried .In my opinion this should have cupped.
Subtle works, and in this case works well.
Thanks Guys.

Funny Trump King Kong

Trump King Kong
Member reactions:
Your hair is well done, each stroke is beautiful.
Make is face green and you get a perfect Grinch.
, here is a surprise. Thank you Andrew, Nanny, Luciano and Crafty.
Congrats Congratulation Hits on the Gold..
Gold Congrats, Hit-S. Excellent job, hilarious with a great view.
TY Champ It was a little rough around the edges but a silly enough theme to grab a cup

Funny King Kong Trapped on the Empire State Building in a Blizzard

King Kong Trapped on the Empire State Building in a Blizzard
Blizzard 2016 Building Source Courtesy HowardDigital.com
Member reactions:
Yeah, I tried a "Doc" trifecta and came up with just an "Nurse" Thanks all
Right to the point, Tim. The blizzard is too much this winter

Funny King Kong in South Park

King Kong in South Park

Funny Kim Kong movie

Kim Kong movie
Member reactions:
a bit more of a blend around the edges of his face would have made this better. use a soft brush and lower the flow and the opacity and take your time
Should have scored way higher. I like how you used Pree too

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