Hugo Chavez as Kojak
Hugo Chavez as Kojak
Hugo Chavez as Kojak.

Funny Kojak and Columbo the Flying Lieutenants

Kojak and Columbo the Flying Lieutenants
Member reactions:
Its a hit , Great job .....
I wonder who did this masterpiece. Nice work.
. Awesome chop of two of my dad's favorite shows from the 70's. I'll have to show him. I see Mannix and Cannon in the sequel.
Veryyy good..... what a nice image
It's a masterpiece, Excellent Job done, One gun emitting fire and other one emitting smoke is wonderful to view. very well done with smoke and rain effects wonderful job done
This takes me back a few years....excellent work
Really super work Ricky Top Marks=10+ . . . great action, wonderful caricatures, superb effects only thing missing is Kojak's signature lipop Congrats in advance il mio amico artisically dotato.
I used be nicknamed Kojack by my boss and it caught on.
Congrats on another brilliant chop and gold Ricky. And that would be amazing to see another chop of 70's tv detectives. My dad thinks your chop looks amazing.
Rickytrek, congrats on the win,wonderful work as always and keep these pics coming.Your tops.
Congrats on the win, Ricky. You are freaking playing on a super level (of Photoshop).
Congratz on the gold my friend... very very well done
heheh I'm near of 50 years old, are you from italy. I'm Brazilian

Funny Kojak Gable

Kojak Gable

Funny Kojak

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