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Funny Koffi Pictures

Koffi with PalinFunny Koffi with Palin
Member reactions:
Koffi with Palin, (or is it caffeine.) at Oktoberfest
Excellent blending. Did she ask for some coffee. .
Congratulations on the two trophies in this one, Mundo.

Koffi Annan In Carlitos WayFunny Koffi Annan In Carlitos Way
Member reactions:

Koffi Annan In Carlitos Way Movie.
Good entry. Neck could do with a tiny bit of desaturation to match face, but it's not a big deal, overall image is nice.
Another masterful chop from Mundo, wel done.

Big Momma Koffi AnnanFunny Big Momma Koffi Annan
Member reactions:
Big Momma Koffi Anon

Koffi with PutinFunny Koffi with Putin
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Koffi Annan Body BuilderFunny Koffi Annan Body Builder
Member reactions:

You don't mess around with Koffi...
i like the little head... i know a few guys like that...
Not up to your usual standard Mundo, sorry. Face and body don't blend too well. Quality not quantity is best. You are a brilliant chopper, no eed to put less than top quality images in.

Pirate Koffi AnnanFunny Pirate Koffi Annan
Member reactions:

Koffi Pirate

Koffi AnnanFunny Koffi Annan
Member reactions:

Momma Koffi

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