Sax Kitty
Sax Kitty
Sax Kitty. Member reactions:
"Composition" seems to be catching on again here at FN. Yeah... Copy and paste are fine, but a 'build' will get my vote every time. Marvelous Work, Hidden.
Really is the Cat's Meow, Congrats on your win.
Wonderful colors, awesome build. Congrats on the Gold, Mano.
Congrats Mano, you're on a roll. White Kitty is the perfect colour. Super clean work.
Hahahahaah Magic chop, so cute..... Congrats my friend

Funny Smile Kitty

Smile Kitty

Funny Pink Deadpool with Hello Kitty

Pink Deadpool with Hello Kitty
Member reactions:
Welcome to F.N. Evaaa. Excellent job on your 1st Chop

Funny Mr Kitty Looking at a Photo

Mr Kitty Looking at a Photo
Merry Christmas Everyone.

Funny Cats & Dogs The Revenge of Scream Kitty

Cats & Dogs The Revenge of Scream Kitty
Member reactions:
This is cute,I think it would do better if you would lose the border and text.The enty title alread explains it.
Decent chop, though I feel the text was needed to look like a movie poster

Funny Naughty Kitty Lolita Movie

Naughty Kitty Lolita Movie
Member reactions:
Funny and sweet. Eyeglasses shadows appreciated.

Funny Kung Fu Kitty Movie

Kung Fu Kitty Movie
Member reactions:
Kitty at right side with that move is super work

Funny Cujo Kitty Movie

Cujo Kitty Movie
Member reactions:
Very conceptual and looks perfect for the poster work

Funny The Owl and The Kitty Cat

The Owl and The Kitty Cat
... went to sea

Funny Stork Kitty

Stork Kitty
Member reactions:
Excellent work, I would just cut some of the side parts to make the cat take larger place in the composition

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