Ben Franklin and his Kite
Ben Franklin and his Kite
Ben Franklin and his Kite. Ben Franklin continued his research into the many uses of electricity, much to the delight of Mrs. Franklin. I got permission to use this picture from "Ben Franklin" himself.
Member reactions:
Very pretty background, but Ben's chest and belly look a bit flat, maybe is an electricity side effect.
Like your idea of using the iron key as a conductor of thunders outside the window The Kite is acting as a insulator to the house good chop over all
Ariel9, he is standing, not sitting, which I believe would affect how far his stomach pokes out. But I imagined a mid-30s Ben, not the elderly fatter Ben. And I did use liquify to enlarge the girth of what pot belly he would have. Just with the arms crossed, it's not as visible as it could be. Thanks, Geriatric, Balodiya, and Rajeshstar.
Looks great to me. Great enough for a woody
Awesome composition and execution. the Ben Franklin permission comment. Congrats on the wood, Icy.
Congrats, IcyAllEyeCan. I really like this.

Funny Octopus Catches Richard Branson While Kite Surfing

Octopus Catches Richard Branson While Kite Surfing
Richard Branson sets Channel kite-surfing record
Member reactions:

Funny Barack Obama Playing with a Kite

Barack Obama Playing with a Kite
Member reactions:
El Cutsie-O. Fine representation of our fearless Leader.
Wonderfull work here. Some stuff are so fantastic like Glasses, Bicycle. Perfect.
Thank you Geriatric, Ericnorthend, SteveGSQ
it's winter, the wind is blowing hard and the play with the kite is amazing, like this thought and very well done with the caricature
It's another Sunshine Girl creation of beauty. Congratulations.
Smooth work, as always, Sun. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Barack Obama Kite Surfing Tsunami at White House

Barack Obama Kite Surfing Tsunami at White House

Funny Frog Kite

Frog Kite
Member reactions:
the source is high contrast while the background is more neutral.

Funny Anti-Gravity Kite

Anti-Gravity Kite
Member reactions:
Stronger, Faster, HIGHER. OK, what are you smoking this time.
Very nice idea and execution. I see this as a watercolor as well, compositionally speaking. Beautiful piece

Funny Indian Women with Plane Kites

Indian Women with Plane Kites
Member reactions:
This is hilarious. One of my favorites in this contest

Funny Bat Boy Kite

Bat Boy Kite

Funny Boy Flying a Road Sign as a Kite

Boy Flying a Road Sign as a Kite

Funny Kite Taking a Tree For a Ride in the Sky

Kite Taking a Tree For a Ride in the Sky
I always imagined this is what happens when your kite gets tangled in a tree.
Member reactions:
just an idea...i would leave the three, the pice of earth that it's on and the kite, i would make the background just the sky and remove the meadow....and also add some birds or something that fly's.....just a thought
Nice idea's Gali, but personally I like this, different from all those ones floating in the sky
Yes, I've seen the "Floating" chunks of land and trees and other stuff before, and wanted to try it for myself. Virgin territory here, Wanted to see if I could do it.

Funny Kite Flying

Kite Flying
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this kite flying image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - add more people or objects to this kite flying image, changing the weather in the image, putting it into some new environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Valdas Zajanckauskas and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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