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Advanced Spy KitFunny Advanced Spy Kit
Member reactions:
Spy Kit with a heavy duty bullet proof vest
So we can hide in the wall wearing this jacket and fire with shoes good spying gadgets
Nice work...but I was expecting Spy gadget instead blowing gadget of 007 Cool shoe how it work
Thank you everyone for your nice comments ..
Congratulations, Penaplonk. I will use shoes from your picture for John Kerry.
Makes me think of some good ole James Bond movies. Congrats on the bronze, penaplonk.

Blood Doping KitFunny Blood Doping Kit
Member reactions:

'DING...' I hear bells from this chop.Hilarious.
Cool smile..looks he is enjoying it. Very nice work hidden
A personal Doping test kit good model perfectly suits for that endorsement and the freaky title "You never get caught" is awesome An extra edge to get the oxygen boost

A Campaigning Kit?Funny A Campaigning Kit?
Member reactions:
Things Future Generations Will Think A 'Mitt Romney' Is
I have to admit that list was hilarious. Fantastic work too.
Excellent thought... Now a new future ahead waiting for Him. get all his stuff packed in a box with a cracker which always keeps him awake I love to see that head always smiling
Phenomenon job done here like the spider waves, little cracker placement is superb.
Fantastic wrapped-up Mitts belongings in a Kit this is amazing I like the spider's net here
Awesome work dog...I never would've guessed it was yours. Congrats.
Thanks everyone and you too Funk. I did this one by accident, took forever to choose what to put in the box.
Oh boy, love many details, but the crack and the spiderweb are my faves here. Congrats on the silver, DD.

David Hasselhoff with Kit CaricatureFunny David Hasselhoff with Kit Caricature
Member reactions:

MICHAEL KNIGHT IN SPITE OF HIS AGE, WITH A KITT the talking car controlled by artificial intelligence, will begin a long battle against "evil forces".
Great caricature...nice job with a cool color scheme.
thank you paul, i am ever happy for yours comments
hy jhakss24... a new friend thank you very much for the compliment
Yours works are awesome, great caricatures and excellent use of the lights and shadows. Thank you for sharing it with us.
thank you joaon... beautiful compliments, lights and shadows make it beautiful the caricature
rajeshstar... thank you... you all guys are marvelous whit me and my works

Lindt Kit Kat BarFunny Lindt Kit Kat Bar
Member reactions:

"If only Lindt did make a Kit Kat Bar, I'd buy them by the box load."

Barack Obama Home Health Care KitFunny Barack Obama Home Health Care Kit
Member reactions:

Obama to sign health care bill
hahaha, lots of work here...well it..
Thanks, Goat...appreciate the appreciation.
For you, we can make them like that, deaddog. Place your order now before we run out of them. Just send $299.95 for each jar and another $59.95 for shipping and handling.
Once again well done, u have a knack for the "old ways" clean simple precise
Thanks, Kellie. Appreciate the nice comments, mate.
So many hilarious details here, but this one had me laughing most: "4 easy payments of $6,250" Staple gun for closing incisions is another gem. * Disclaimer: Despite what they tell you... DON'T try this at home, . Operators are standing by. Call now, hahaha.
Me thinks Newsy actually makes infomercials on the side. Thanks, Newsy.
Congrats on the woody, Paul. As a bonus you get some blue pills too
Thanks, Newsy...will the blue pills help preserve my Woody.
pcrdds. (you have discovered my secret passion - making infomercials) The blue pills should not only help you preserve this woody, but will get you many more woodies in the future
Thanks, pixjockey. Hey Newsy, if I chop nothing but blue pills I'll get lots more woodies.
Very nice. But overall it seems a bit naive .. For example, the gloves are too stiff .. had to be more floppy and objects are distributed too regular in the picture, I would have preferred some grouping would be more realistic. But if a naive aspect was what you wanted, than it's ok
Sir Joe, You sir, are the naive one here. Obviously, you have no comprehension of American "Infomercials" or shopping networks. The gloves, by the way, were pictured that way. When you get more experience, then I will take your comments more seriously. Until then, I do not.

Kim Jong Il Playing with Baby Einstein KitFunny Kim Jong Il Playing with Baby Einstein Kit
Member reactions:

Kit Kat iPhoneFunny Kit Kat iPhone
Member reactions:

Love the FN app. Excellent work, but I would find a better resolution source for the tinfoil
John the woodman gets his wood too. Congrats.
Thanks everyone. Newsy. Thanks mate. yes I know looked for two days for better tinfoil piccy .

Samsung Beauty KitFunny Samsung Beauty Kit
Member reactions:

Sorry about the poor source image, but just couldn't find anything that would fit for my idea, had to settle for this one..
Great work Mundo. I like the idea. congrats on your gold.

Cutting Doll KitFunny Cutting Doll Kit
Member reactions:

Great stuff. I've gotta get one of these too.
So wrong and so brilliant. Looks real too - me likes.
beginer exacto knife advanced blade great combo~
Congratulations, Deb. Wonderful win with a beautifully twisted entry.
Congrats Deb. Cute little emo cutting kid. I like your twisted humor.
Congrats Deb Now with tourniquets for those who really like to slash.

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