Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk. Member reactions:
Whoa, it's Cap Kirk all over the place. Good Job with the hair.

Funny Kirk Douglas + Michael Douglas

Kirk Douglas + Michael Douglas
Member reactions:
Looks like Bruce Jenner hahahahahahaa. Nice one

Funny Kirk Douglas Is Not Dead

Kirk Douglas Is Not Dead
People Magazine mistakenly published Kirk Douglas's obituary That's his real name on the sign, by the way.
Member reactions:
I remember as a kid how I was impressed with the Spartacus movie and Kirk Douglas in it. May this man live many more years, but this chop cracks me up.
Great looking caricatures Paul, congrats on the woody.

Funny Karl Malden and Kirk Douglas Selling Hot Dogs

Karl Malden and Kirk Douglas Selling Hot Dogs
As I promised, this is the second in a series of works on the TV series of the 70s I hope that you will appreciate my efforts ... I undertake any work for about three days ....
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant artwork. Who's the guy on the left.
Just look at all the detail, imagination, and skill. .
That's Karl Malden, Newsy
he is Karl Malden with Michael Douglas in the crime serial "The streets of San Francisco". Also famous for his big nose.
Great chop. Douglas is perfect but Malden needs a little tweaking
Amazing work love it, memories of watching the original series when i was but a kid.
Well done on the caricature front and the finish is really smooth good looks and well deserved entry love it
This is great, I remember watching this in the 70's & you have captured it right down to Carl's nose....
Superb magical colors used with wonderful stuff carried by 2 of them
Thanks for the tip, guys. I need to know more about the 70s shows
Congratulations, Ricky. Super Job. Super Score.
Congrats on the gold. Masterful as always. And to answer your question, I think you distorted Malden a bit too far. He already has extreme character markers in his face so he didn't need much. It might be the jowls are a bit too meaty and mouth overworked..... But hey it was enough to score over anything funkwood or AZ or Salis or any other chopper has done here. So the fans think it is the best chop ever in the history of the site, or for sure in the top couple. So what do I know, I should have kept quiet . Again, congrats on fine work, RT, it is always a treat
Congrats on the gold Ricky. I believe you got the highest score ever on the site

Funny Captain Kirk Without a Nose

Captain Kirk Without a Nose
Member reactions:
Hey, they only get so good when taken off a film clip . It was just so silly I had to enter it. Thanks for the comments all

Funny Symmetric Kirk Douglas

Symmetric Kirk Douglas
Member reactions:
His face look bit serious.... no smile good background and nice light effects used here
I Don't think Spartacus smiled very much, Rajeshstar. He was a ruthless killer. Besides, Kirk wasn't smiling in the source
Clean work and nice colours. Face needs a bit of grain or noise or sharpen to match background.
So smooth skin and Rome screw is lovely dressed
Thanks. Uhhhhh I don't get why his skin should match the wall, jest3r. Funny uopu should mention it, I swapped out the original piv=c of him for one with a better likeness. On the original I loaded it with contrast and grain. It looked pushed.

Funny Movie Star Kirk

Movie Star Kirk
Member reactions:
The globe is flopped. Now he'll never find his way home.
Kirks 83 minuet mission: to explore strange new worlds, and to boldly go where no man has gone before. Sweet Chop*
Woot Love it Im A Trekkie can ya tell Nice work
Superman is the savior of the earth, nice sparkling effects given to the edges of the earth i really like this
Congrats on the bronze AZ....Love your work.
great pick mark....youve given kirk quite the look
Congratz on the Bronze Trophy, Rain Master ~Vulcan Salute \/
Bronze Congrats AZRainman. Excellent work, no Bones about it
Congrats Mark same here and 100% agree with PixJockey always my #1 too
This looks like a real professional poster. Congrats on the bronze, AZ.

Funny Kirk Douglas Painting

Kirk Douglas Painting
Kirk douglas doesnt look half bad in drag,.
Member reactions:
Technique tips: I'd make some shadows from the hat, and try to work with higher reso9lution sources.

Funny Kirk Douglas and Jay Leno

Kirk Douglas and Jay Leno
I used a pic of Kirk Douglas after his stroke. Sources
Member reactions:
Artistic stuff. I actually liked Kirk's acting. Spartacus is classic.
Congrats to Spinner-man. Today you are Bronze-spinner.
My favorite Kirk movies are numerous. congrats on bronze.
hits))))))))))) nice work ...... congratulations...
Congrats HS Funny expression, made me laugh.
Wonderful image, perfect blend, an image that could also be the winner and the result would not be wrong. Cheers Mandrak
Thanks for the votes and thanks to AZ and Funkster for the "High Pass" tip. This was the first ultra contrasty chop I have done with that sharpening method, errr.. successful one I should say. I am currently creating a library of manufactured textures for backgrounds and facial features that can be used for cloning-in really exotic effects. This "high pass" trick inspired me. Thanks guys.
Congratulations on the bronze man this was great one keep going
Great chop Hitman.. Congrats... I'm glad I can pass on some of the tips Rainman sent my way.
Great idea thinking of Douglas, he did have a prominent chin too. Nice job on the high-pass technique, congrats HS.
Another way: Duplicate the layer, set it overlay mode and run the emboss filter. This will add some lineand edge crispness into the image. An old preferred method for PS6 was to convert the image to lab color and only sharpen the lightness channel. Less chance of color distortion and halos that way.
So much to learn, so few brain cells left I have the emboss function in ARC Soft as well but never thought of layering. I'll try both programs and compare effects. Thanks, and thanks for the votes, I'm glad ya'll liked it
It was extremely clever on your part to put together two celebrities who are known for their 'chin' structures.

Funny Captain Kirk Wearing Tights

Captain Kirk Wearing Tights
Member reactions:
It was a classic chop. Now it's a classic resolution poster.
HAAAAA I'm sending this one to all of my friends.
That's the kind of compliment I like, SomethingOdiferous.
This is hilarious. And so true... Excellent chop...

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