My Kingdom for a horse
My Kingdom for a horse
My Kingdom for a horse. Member reactions:
Woody Congrats Denlig, nice take on a English King Richard III quote…

Funny Shifu and Splinter in the Forbidden Kingdom

Shifu and Splinter in the Forbidden Kingdom
digital painting for Master Shifu & Master splinter using mouse
Member reactions:
Very good. This might have won a cup if you supplied a WIP
Whoa you created this from scratch. Top job. I think most people did not realize it was all painted. Original view is a beauty.
thx all for steps : or -------------------- or

Funny Nicholas Cage Warlord of the Kingdom

Nicholas Cage Warlord of the Kingdom
Member reactions:
How could he carry so many weapons behind but different work with a candle lighting over the Skull is a freaky idea I like how the candle gives yellow illusion with a smoke
, rajeshstar....the weapons behind him is the back of his throne. Thanks everyone.

Funny Stairway to the Magic Kingdom

Stairway to the Magic Kingdom
Member reactions:
Very nicely executed. Great work of shading. Beautiful job
very well done, lot of hard work seen here nice concept
Superb flight of imagination and photoshop skills here. Congrats on the gold, Mark.

Funny Pink Iced Kingdom

Pink Iced Kingdom
Member reactions:
Geriatric, Ricky thank you so much.
Love it..Such beautiful scene's you make..well done..
Glad you like it Goat, Rajeshtar thank you.
beautiful work sunshine..well deserved medal
PINK is, still, the color of the day.
Balodiya, Qtrmoonshop, Disasterman,Ricky, DD, Pcr, Goat, Pree, Geri, Pixjockey thank you so much.. Appreciate a lot your comments and Ricky you deserved the gold my friend.

Funny Steve Jobs Enters the Kingdom of the Genius

Steve Jobs Enters the Kingdom of the Genius
Member reactions:
Awesome concept , love it . One thing thou , just my advise , you might want to re-edit it & put a drop shadow on the bodies , they look like they are just pasted with a glow around then now .
My intention is not to place them with ghosts.
Thank you very much Jhakss24. I'm glad for you have liked.
Thanks guys, I'm very happy for you have liked.
Thank you very much Disasterman111 and crusader234.
Congrats on your first gold JoaoN. Welcome aboard.
Congrats on your 1st Gold JoaoN . . . Nice choppin"
caraca Joćo. mandou muito cara. parabens. excelente trabalho
Cool. Like the concept. Excellent. One question: The significance of the sizes of subjects. Is this saying Jobs bigger than the rest or are you leaving it to the viewer.
congrats on your very first gold I am jealous,I have yet to win ....oh well i guess i will keep pluggin away.
Thank you for comment RockBuzzard. The Jobs is being received by the genius, he is larger for being new in this kingdom.
very cool work JoaoN big congrats on your gold ..
Thank you so much DesignerKratos, I'm glad for you have liked.

Funny Real Animal Kingdom

Real Animal Kingdom
Member reactions:
Is that an extra left leg on the Ibex on the left.
Good question,it's the leg of the chair... it also looks weird on the original
Sweet work. Alternative title "Friday Night" (when many turn into party animals)

Funny Fire Kingdom with Dragons

Fire Kingdom with Dragons
Remember to check out full.
Member reactions:
The dragons are a bit blurry, but otherwise nice entry.
Great composition and light and shadow work here. Looks like an illustration to some fantasy book.

Funny Cinderella and the Kingdom of the Skull

Cinderella and the Kingdom of the Skull
Member reactions:
Cinderella is already a kids movie isn't it.
Yeah but it has been changed to incorporate the Indiana Jones movie. Note the use of Indiana Jones fonts. The title is Cinderella and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. IMO this image follows the contest guidelines.
Please also note, Cinerella's face is Cate Blanchett's who stars in the Indiana Jones Movie.

Funny American Gothic Magic Kingdom

American Gothic Magic Kingdom

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