Kim Jong un
Kim Jong un
Kim Jong un. Member reactions:
I think you've just uncovered the Kim Jong Un's true self. Excellent work

Funny Kim Jong Un In Custody

Kim Jong Un In Custody
Member reactions:
You've got just the aperitive of what is going on... enjoy it.
Great pick of leader to land behind bars. Well Done

Funny Kim Jong Un Changes The Weather

Kim Jong Un Changes The Weather
Kim Jong-Un is unhappy with the North Korean weather forecasting
Member reactions:
Do you want see anything or say anything....
I think this weather forecast is absolutely the best forecast I've seen in my life. It freaking rocks. See how the weather submits to dictators too.
Congrats on the gold & silver...

Funny Kanye W. and Kim K.

Kanye W. and Kim K.
Kanye's nose is always out of joint anyway and hers is who knows where...
Member reactions:
Two pretty good demolishings hahaha Very good job
Freaking great. I especially like how you did Kayne

Funny Kim


Funny Kim Jong Un Defects To America

Kim Jong Un Defects To America
Member reactions:
Excellent image and this boat name is bear boat
Imaging me in his place....most of the bottle would be empty. Great chop.
Kim is enjoying the funny ride to America
Very humorous, clean work. Funny trumps cute today. Gold congrats Doc. Armatien was the voter that pushed you up. Send him a pizza or a box of cigars or something
can easily see why this got first place . GREAT job :0)
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, gary.

Funny Best Friends Kim and Rodman

Best Friends Kim and Rodman
A Hunka Hunka Burning Love.
Member reactions:
Jong's A55 on backwards is just too funny.
. Hitspinner, sad to say but that's the way the actual photo appears. I found it by Googling 'fat elvis'. It also appears here:
Chubby little Kim cracks me up with his backwards pants. Nice one.
Ha ha Hilarious... something turned wrong side
Hysterical and well done. I now see Kim Jong Un can't play bastekball well for gravity reasons
Whatever and however you pulled it off it is a riot, Steve, Hehehe, Congrats on the mantle bling.
Thank you everyone. I'm probably not allowed to visit North Korea now.
Most excellent.

Funny The Kim Jong Un Lifestyle

The Kim Jong Un Lifestyle
Kim Jong Un seems to be leading a life filled with Yachts, cigars, booze, parties and extravagant food among other things according to Dennis Rodman.
Member reactions:
The facial merge of Kim is really awesome.... he looks enjoying with chicks and cigars all for his lifetime Like the idea of putting straw in the coconut
So Glamorous
Honesty... I got hungry just looking at this chop. So no wonder Kim Jong is such a chubby boy. Good call on Dennis Rodman too - he'll be training the Korean basketball team.
Clean Sweep, that's 2 that I remember lately, great and funny work, always look forward to seeing what's next.Congrads
You are inspiration to us all. Congratulations..
Congrats on your win snd the chop is fantastic.
A clean sweep. Congrats on the grand slam.
Thanks, everybody. I love the "News In Pictures" contests. It allows me to make fun of events around the world.
Hey you old trophy hog, how about leaving some for the rest of us.... Congratulations Paulie...I guess this is a grand slam home run
OK-happy now. You swept the contest so, Congratulations X 4 ...
Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, PSM.

Funny Kim Jong-Un And His Dog Colonial

Kim Jong-Un And His Dog Colonial

Funny kim and kayne

kim and kayne
Member reactions:
That's a big derriere, congrats on the win.
Congratulations Robin. Great picture of Kim K's butt.
thanks splatshot....yea definately wanted to blow her butt out of proportion

Funny Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un
The recent declaration of war by North Korea to South Korea turned out to be a translation error. Kim Jong Un is just trying to show the world (and his own nation), he's as mighty a dictator as his father Kim Jong Il was. Too often North Korea was caught with their military bluff games in the past (badly photoshopped photos of missile tests, etc.), that the recent military threats to South Korea and the USA are likely nothing but the Kim Jong Un's attempts to pose as a mighty leader to be feared of. Photoshop this photo of Kim Jong Un any way you wish.

Funny Remembering Kim Jong Il...

Remembering Kim Jong Il...
It's notoriously difficult to get a sense of what's going on in North Korea - after all, the world didn't even learn of Kim Jong Il's death until two days after it occurred. In the West he was mocked for his bouffant, his pudgy belly and his platform shoes. Former U.S. President George W. Bush called him a pygmy. He was even parodied in the parody movie Team America: World Police as a dictator who walked around an empty palace singing about his loneliness. But in North Korea, he was called the Dear Leader (and, more recently, the Supreme Leader) and the news of his death shocked North Korea and left the nation in tears. Official North Korean reports say that he died of "fatigue" while on a train ride. Kim, who reportedly feared flying and traveled by personal armored train, had suffered a stroke in 2008. He was reported in better health in recent months, having cut down on his appetite for cognac and cigars. Photoshop Kim Jong Il how he will be remembered in history, or photoshop what/who awaits this leader in the afterlife.

Funny Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il
There's been a lot of media buzz that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il had a stroke and is unable to rule the country. North Korea officially denies these rumours but Kim Jong Il did not make any public appearances for months. Days ago, North Korean TV showed a video of Kim Jong Il talking to a Korean soccer team after a game - Kim Jong is shown in good health and a cheerful mood. There are questions about the authenticity of this video - whether the video was taken long before Kim Jong's disappearance, or whether Kim Jong's body double was used in the video rather than the leader himself. In any case North Korea tries to use this video to show the world that Kim Jong Il is in good health and is even in a mood for sports. Let's help out our Korean colleagues to show the world that Kim Jong Il is in good health and sporty mood - photoshop Kim Jong Il doing any kind of sports activity. To take things further, you can even make your entries in the form of magazine covers.

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