KIM JONG PRESLEY. Member reactions:
You made him look cuter than he is. Too bad he's not that lovable. Nice work-looks real.
PERFECT blending. Now that you've chopped him, I do see some clear similarities between the two.

Funny Kim Jong Goat

Kim Jong Goat
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha very interesting work specially with Nose and eye, holding cigarette between lambs is amazing
Excellent... merge... His lips and eyes were the perfect match
Woody Congrats, Doc. Nice blend on the goat face.
congrats mr p. make sure to install a good firewall.
Congratulations. You make Mr. Clean look like a dirty old man.

Funny Kim

Kim Kardashian has resolved to dress in a ladylike manner. No more stripping off, bust or butt reduction.
Member reactions:
I don't know what you mean Lucianmorelli
It says Celebrity New Year's Resolution, why.

Funny Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un
Member reactions:
No. Don't do it........ The world needs a someone to blame $#*t on.
Excellent, and I like that hairdo you've given him.
Congrats on the bronze, Hits. Happy New Year.
Congrats on the win, wish he would pull the trigger, good one.
Fantastic job, Hits. Congrats on the Bronze and a couple of dollars towards your gas bill
Thank you HH, Champ, Doc, Hobbit, Wanderer, Newsy, Swashbuckle, Luciano, eric, gummy and Hobbit. Happy New Year one and all.
Congrats on the bronze Tim. He'd be doing himself and N. Korea a favor.
Not long after I loaded this I am unable to access my outlook email and even Microsoft techs don't know what is causing it. Do ya think the N. Korean paranoid crybabies have anything to do with that. Thanks guys


Member reactions:
Hilarious .. Kim has his own way of treatment
Obama's head looks like another Kim's B side. Instrument needs a regulation.
Top 5 congrats, William... Great looking chop

Funny Hacker Kim

Hacker Kim
Watch out world: North Korea deep into cyber warfare
Member reactions:
Nice to be on the board with you. Have always enjoyed your work. Congrats ahead of time. ; )
Congratulations. Your best chops are accumulating fast.
Allow me to be the first one to congratulate you, again,
Congrads on the Gold Cup, remarkable work.
A slam dunk. , congrats. You guys are going to make me get used to that mustard Hahahhaah. This is a commanding chop and some numbskull still gave it a 5.
This goes into my PC favorites folder. . I like the Tone Too.
Holy cow, Dan. I just looked at the score on this. 9.74. If that is not the highest score yet, it is way, way up there.
I always appreciate the votes but I must admit the voting system here is sometimes a wonderment to me, .

Funny Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un
Member reactions:
He looks loke a fat pig, and there is the reason.
Pro work. Like how you subtly included the walking stick too
, another precision piece of caricature work.. Congrats to the FunkMaster.. What is that silicone looking jiz is on his weenie. Lol
Congratulations. Always entertaining...where's the Mustard.
Thanks all, had tons of fun with this one.

Funny Kim Jong Un - Fat angree Baby

Kim Jong Un - Fat angree Baby
Member reactions:
Excellent stuff, though shadows may need more more work here to look natural.

Funny Kim Jong un And Michelle Obama

Kim Jong un And Michelle Obama
Kim Jong-un states " I love Michelle being fat".
Member reactions:
There goes Michelle's "Let's Move Campaign"... awesome stuff, Hidden.
at Newsey. You have blended this one super well... This guy has a head full of crack-head hamsters Good to see you win a cup for this, Well done

Funny Kim Chucky Jong un Doll

Kim Chucky Jong un Doll
Member reactions:
Nice blending though the face came from a low resolution source and thus is blurry

Funny Where is Kim Jong-un?

Where is Kim Jong-un?
There's a lot of buzz in the media about the public disappearance of Kim Jong-un. The North Korea's 32-year-old leader has been absent from public view for almost 40 days, with the only Pyongyang's official statement that "he's healthy, just needs time to heal from a minor leg injury during the military training". Despite this official statement, Kim Jong-un's major health issues are rumored to be the main reason for his unexpected absence - he is a heavy smoker and a Cognac lover, just like his father was. Kim Jong-un was last shown on North Korean national television in the first days of September, where he appeared limping and gaining weight. He has missed two major national holidays where the leader is expected to make an appearance - the Foundation Day of the North Korean State (September 9) and the anniversary of the establishment of the Korean Worker's Party (October 10). This sudden disappearance of the Supreme Leader is even more surprising considering his known love for public appearances and photo shoots (unlike his father Kim Jong-il who was a camera-shy dictator). Show where and how Kim Jong-un might be hiding from the public eye.

Funny Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un
The recent declaration of war by North Korea to South Korea turned out to be a translation error. Kim Jong Un is just trying to show the world (and his own nation), he's as mighty a dictator as his father Kim Jong Il was. Too often North Korea was caught with their military bluff games in the past (badly photoshopped photos of missile tests, etc.), that the recent military threats to South Korea and the USA are likely nothing but the Kim Jong Un's attempts to pose as a mighty leader to be feared of. Photoshop this photo of Kim Jong Un any way you wish.

Funny Remembering Kim Jong Il...

Remembering Kim Jong Il...
It's notoriously difficult to get a sense of what's going on in North Korea - after all, the world didn't even learn of Kim Jong Il's death until two days after it occurred. In the West he was mocked for his bouffant, his pudgy belly and his platform shoes. Former U.S. President George W. Bush called him a pygmy. He was even parodied in the parody movie Team America: World Police as a dictator who walked around an empty palace singing about his loneliness. But in North Korea, he was called the Dear Leader (and, more recently, the Supreme Leader) and the news of his death shocked North Korea and left the nation in tears. Official North Korean reports say that he died of "fatigue" while on a train ride. Kim, who reportedly feared flying and traveled by personal armored train, had suffered a stroke in 2008. He was reported in better health in recent months, having cut down on his appetite for cognac and cigars. Photoshop Kim Jong Il how he will be remembered in history, or photoshop what/who awaits this leader in the afterlife.

Funny Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il
There's been a lot of media buzz that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il had a stroke and is unable to rule the country. North Korea officially denies these rumours but Kim Jong Il did not make any public appearances for months. Days ago, North Korean TV showed a video of Kim Jong Il talking to a Korean soccer team after a game - Kim Jong is shown in good health and a cheerful mood. There are questions about the authenticity of this video - whether the video was taken long before Kim Jong's disappearance, or whether Kim Jong's body double was used in the video rather than the leader himself. In any case North Korea tries to use this video to show the world that Kim Jong Il is in good health and is even in a mood for sports. Let's help out our Korean colleagues to show the world that Kim Jong Il is in good health and sporty mood - photoshop Kim Jong Il doing any kind of sports activity. To take things further, you can even make your entries in the form of magazine covers.

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